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Zoho Business Software

Zoho design and make online business software for small to mediam sized businesses.

They have over 25 business software applications in their portfolio that cover the areas below.

Improve sales and increase team efficiency with Zoho CRM
Sales & Customers
Zoho Reports online business intelligence (BI) software
Business Reporting
Manage accounting and invoices online and streamline accounting processes with Zoho Books and Zoho Invoice
Accounts & Invoicing
Improve customer service with Zoho Support online HelpDesk software
HelpDesk & Support
NEW! Motivation Manager
Create professional business websites with Zoho Sites online website CMS software
Online email marketing software with Zoho Campaigns
Email Marketing
Streamline HR and recruitment with Zoho People HRIS and Zoho Recruit online applicant tracking software
HR & Recruitment
Zoho ContactManager is a powerful small business contact management solution
Contact Manager

Integrated Solutions for Businesses.

You can use the different software together, for different parts of your business processes but without the need to use multiple vendors, multiple user interfaces and hardware requirements; in short... without the problems of dealing with multiple software vendors. Many Zoho cloud software solutions are integrated too.

Work Online and reduce IT cots.

All of our online business software runs in the 'cloud' as well, meaning you do not need to invest in any IT infrastructure or expensive hardware, and all are superb value for money, perfect aimed at the home, start up and small business market.

All of our software is hosted, which means you do not need any hardware or software or IT personnel to help you maintain servers, software upgrades and so on. Perfectly suited for home and small to medium sized businesses, our suite of online (cloud based) business software can be deployed quickly and easily and all upgrades are automatic and included in the cost of the license fees.