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Cloud Data Security

Cloud based software is highly secure and comes with a full range of security measures to protect your data

Cloud software security for Zoho online business solutions is world class
Software as a Service is highly secure

"Is my data secure?"

"Surely my data is safer in the office?"

We hear these comments quite frequently; some people are mistrustful of cloud software and naturally it is right to be concerned about data security.

However the economies of scale with Cloud or 'Software as a Service' providers are such that they have huge sums of money to invest in data security and cloud service providers are more likely to be able to offer a far superior, far more secure IT infrastructure than all but the largest companies can afford to maintain.

We can provide full details of the security measures in place at Zoho but in brief they include:

Physical Security

Zoho data centres are hosted in highly secures facilities and are safeguarded from physical and logical attacks as well as from natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, floods, etc.

Network Security

Zoho's network security team and infrastructure assists in protecting your data against the most sophisticated electronic attacks.

People Security

Zoho has developed and introduced world class practices for managing security and data protection risk and their processes includes policies about escalation, management, knowledge sharing, risk, as well as the day to day operations. Furthermore, Zoho's security team has decades of experience in designing and operating data centres and continually strives to improve their processes. Som typical 'people security' measures they have in place are:

  • On premise security guards 
  • Building exterior - no signage, cameras, false entrances, vehicle blockades, parking lot design, bulletproof glass/walls 
  • Biometric systems which include palm scannersSecurity cameras with digital recorders, Pan-tilt zoom (PTZ) capabilities 
  • Portals and Man traps, only a single person authenticated at one time.

Redundancy and Business Continuity

Redundancy and Business Continuity are the central philosophies of Zoho cloud computing and their systems and infrastructure include distributed grid architecture, power redundancy, Internet redundancy, redundant network devices,  redundant cooling and temperature systems, geo mirroring, fire prevention, and data protection and back up.

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