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Using Zoho Web Based Business Tools to Do Your Project, Online.

CRM Asia Solutions have carried out numerous projects for clients all over the world, completing them to the satisfaction of our clients, working entirely online using Zoho online business tools.

Zoho's slogan is "Work. Online."
Zoho business tools enable you to work online and work efficiently, saving time and money. That's just how we like to operate and just what we try to demonstrate to our customers during their product lifecycles and as a result many of them continue to expand their implementation of the Zoho family of tools as they discover just how versatile they are.

Zoho business software makes you work more efficiently online
Zoho Solutions allow us to work online

Our consultants are experts in the full range of online business tools from Zoho, including those that allow us to carry out projects with precise efficiency and at lower cost than traditional on premise implementations, all via online channels. Tools we will use from pre-sales to completion are Zoho Meeting, Zoho Projects, Zoho Show and Zoho Support.

By implementing these web based business tools to do your project, we are able to work without boundaries and have successfully completed projects of all sizes and complexities in the UK, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, the Netherlands, Hong Kong and Australia.

We will successfully manage your project through to completion as follows:


During the initial pre-sales stage we will use Zoho Meeting and Skype to demonstrate Zoho CRM. All you need is a Skype ID, Skype and some speakers! It’s that easy.

Project Implementation

If you choose to proceed with us, we will create a dedicated project for you using Zoho Projects, which we will use to manage the scope, tasks and milestones, issues & testing; we will even centralize your project documents inside the tool, so everything needed for the project is accessible to you and your team and to our team members too meaning and we can collaborate online to get the job done.

We have developed considerable expertise in implementing Zoho CRM and other projects and over the years have developed a focussed project plan for implementing these tools, including milestones, task lists and tasks for every main section of the implementation plus relevant forum categories, embedded video for key topics and categorised document sections for the types of documents you will require.

During the project we will use the project forums to discuss project matters online and we will use Skype or Zoho Meeting to carry out status updates, issue clarification, training and so on.

Zoho Projects is a perfect small business project management tool
We use Zoho Projects to manage your Zoho project!


Our training packages are well structured with a syllabus and training materials. They are delivered by experienced professionals who have been using Zoho apps for many years and who have worked in a variety of businesses and who are often ex-teachers/trainers themselves. We utilise state of the art training software that allows us to provide quality training online. This means your team can participate wherever they may be, even on a mobile device!

The advantages are that training sessions can be more easily scheduled and resources such as rooms, projectors and so on are not required. In addition of course, it means there is less of a need for on-site, often expensive training.

Training consists of such things as:

  • Traditional knowledge transfer
  • Q+A
  • Exercises
  • Hands on activities (where we hand over control to attendees)
  • Tests
  • Polls
  • Materials – PDF files, PowerPoint slides, video

At the end of the training sessions you will have a chance to let us know how the training went and how we can improve.

Zoho Projects is online project management software
Track your project from your mobile device

Post Implementation Support

When the project is finished, we will implement a free warranty period followed by an optional Support package, using Zoho Support, a powerful online HelpDesk solution and another of Zoho’s suite of business tools.

This will allow you to:

  • Submit help requests via email or via tickets
  • Access KnowledgeBase articles
  • Download User Guides and other materials
  • Access training videos
  • Chat live for instant support
Zoho Support is great small business support software
Track your support requests via our help desk portal

Contact Us

If you would like to ask about an idea you have to implement cloud based software in your business, drop us an email at info at crmasiasolutions dot com or contact us here.