Affordable, online business solutions


A Suite of Solutions to Match Specific Business Verticals

CRM Asia Solutions have extensive experience of Zoho implementations in a wide variety of business verticals.

Over time we have gained a deeper understanding of the needs of businesses in those industries, both in terms of their business processes and the types of business software that can help to solve operational issues or improve efficiency.

Zoho have over 25 online office tools in their software portfolio and with this in mind we are able to make recommendations on the most suitable Zoho apps to suit the needs of a business in a specific vertical.

This 'solution based' approach is ideal for large businesses looking to improve / streamline internal processes, make teams more efficient and/or integrate multiple, disparate web based business tools within the organisation. They are also suitable for small businesses or start ups looking to build the foundations of their business as you can see in this video:

For more information on the cloud based Zoho business applications' features and details of Mangoho's Zoho training and Zoho support packages contact us here or drop us an email at info at mangoho dot com.