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Affordable Zoho CRM Implementation Services in Thailand for a Training and Consulting Company

I Am Consulting are certified trainers of SAP solutions, based in Bangkok Thailand. They needed an affordable online CRM solution, cloud based, with no need for hardware or software, to be used by a small team of sales people that could be implemented and up and running in a short space of time. Budget was limited, as was their experience of implementing a cloud based CRM solution via online channels.

CRM Asia Solutions successfully implemented the right tool for the job on time and within budget: Zoho CRM.

I Am Consulting needed a web CRM solution to help their sales team track sales and sales communications with potential clients looking for training and consultation. At the same time, they needed the solution to provide the means to work in the cloud, without any need for hardware or software.

In addition they needed to be able to track training events in the collaborative CRM calendar module, including basic information such as room number, trainer etc, linking these to the original sale. They then needed to run reports on training events taking place at their head office, so they could use this as a rudimentary scheduling and training room timetable tool.

Finally, there was a need to customise the CRM to allow for multiple business units operating within one company.

This required strategic customisation and extensive knowledge of Zoho CRM as well as customisation of the Quotations module as each business unit needed its own style of Quotation, with different logos and layouts.

CRM Asia Solutions analysed all of the requirements and where the client required assistance with ideas of how their business processes could be improved, we suggested areas where Zoho CRM could be used to improve efficiency.

All requirements were logged in our project managament portal (Zoho Projects) and tracked one by one. The portal gave the team an ideal place to submit feedback and ask questions. We also embedded training videos into the project portal forums so the team could refer to them at any time!

We customised Zoho CRM to match the requirements, including ability to log sales potentials against various business units and also create Quotations for these units, each of a different design.

CRM Asia Solutions also helped with the often painful process of data 'cleansing', including analysis and preparation of client data using premade templates developed by CRM Asia Solutions designed to assist clients preparing and importing their data. The result was a rapid import of lead, customer, sales and service (product) data.

The key elements of the project were:

  • Requirements analysis and recommendations
  • Project tracking via project portal
  • Zoho CRM implementation
  • Data analysis and preparation for import
  • Online meetings and reviews (and education of the team as to the benefits of working online - it saved a lot of time!)
  • Structured online training
  • Flexible Zoho CRM Support package

Tools Used

  • Requirements tracking and project management - the CRM Asia Solutions Zoho Project portal was used, included in the project process / cost
  • Online meetings - Zoho Meeting
  • Online training - GoTo Training
  • Support via HelpDesk - Zoho Support online helpdesk solution was provided by CRM Asia Solutions as part of the project support process and included in the project cost

Following a rapid Zoho CRM implementation, I Am Consulting are now able to manage, track and centralise all sales efforts and are pleased with their implementation. A flexible ongoing Zoho CRM support package also means they are able to further develop their Zoho CRM solution as their business develops and improves.

For more information on how we can help your business improve efficiency using Zoho online business solutions at a fraction of the price of alternatives, please contact us here or send us an email to sales [at] crmasiasolutions dot com