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By: Andrew Wallace | November 28, 2016

The old and well known user interface of Zoho CRM is set to be phased out soon - 15th December 2016 to be exact - which means the new UI will be rolled out in its entirety from that time.

You may well have been using the new UI for some time - if not, it's great! 

Enhancements include many new features and enhancements such as improved screen layout/design, faster searching and filtering, check-in functions and improved reporting and dashboards.

However, if you have not yet seen it here is a 30 minute webinar from Zoho on what the new UI is and what you can expect:

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By: Andrew Wallace | November 04, 2016

In their recent article the well known and widely trusted tech/app comparison website 'GetApp' recently reported how Zoho Recruit had come in third place in a review of a variety of recruitment applicant tracking software apps.

Software was assessed on such things as user reviews, as well as integration capability to other apps, mobile app availability, media presence and security. The software was assessed from an independent and unbiased viewpoint and each score given was independent of any commercial interests or any relationship that the software has with GetApp.

Click the link below for:

GetApp's review of Zoho Recruit.

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