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Hosted Email with Zoho CRM Implementation and Email Integration Australia - Vinum Assets

Vinum Assets is a boutique wine investment advisory serving private clients in Australia, Hong Kong and Asia Pacific. The company advises clients on investment opportunities in wines and other commodities as well as providing wine storage, insurance and other high end services. As wine lovers we found this a very interesting Zoho Australia implementation!

Vinum Assets needed a system that gave them the means to provide an excellent, high quality service to their clients, together with professional and affordable Zoho consulting services for Australia based companies to help consolidate their efforts between multinational sales offices to manage customer communications via email and internal/external business workflow.

The Challenge
Due to the muliple locations the CRM implementation project scope had to be determined and managed online.

The project team members had a clear idea of what they wanted from the CRM system but were unsure of functionality of Zoho CRM and thus needed guidance on how it could help them and how best to utilise the automation and online collaboration features. In addition Vinum Assets wanted full integration of their business email into Zoho CRM from multiple devices such as laptops and iPhones.

There was a need for high quality quotations and invoices, which meant dealing not only with the client but also with other suppliers such as designers and web programmers in Australia.

Vinum Assets also had a need for an online accounting system and required consulting services on how this could be used for multiple currencies and importantly, integrated to Zoho CRM to avoid having to use numerous different online business tools.

The Solution
CRM Asia Solutions used a number of powerful web based collaboration tools to manage project meetings, issue resolution and training with people in numerous locations around the globe. These included Zoho Projects, Zoho Meeting to GotoTraining.

Project tasks were tracked and questions / topics were clarified using Zoho Projects, the online project management solution from Zoho.

Zoho Meeting was used to give initial online demos of Zoho CRM to the guys at Vinum, who are based in Australia or who were often on business in Hong Kong.

CRM Asia Solutions set up Vinum Assets corporate email hosting using Zoho Mail and created user email accounts and corporate signatures. We then advised on how to implement the Zoho Mail Addon so that these emails would be synchronised into Zoho CRM. Finally, for iPhone users we liaised between the client and Zoho to help get each iPhone user set up so that their emails were linked between all of the user devices, local email clients, Zoho Mail and Zoho CRM using IMAP email hosting with the iPhone app and Zoho Mail addon.

We advised on web to lead capture, data import, email marketing and other lead conversion functions of Zoho CRM. We customised the tool to match Vinum's own business processes in the leads, Accounts, Potentials, Quotation and Invoice modules.

CRM Asia Solutions also consulted and assisted with data 'cleansing', including analysis and preparation of client data using templates developed internally to assist clients in this regard. The result was a rapid import of leads into the system allowing the team to start work on leads even before the other modules were completely customised.

Quotations and Invoices were customised to contain quality artwork and tabulated product information specific to the wine industry.

Workflow was setup to help sales managers manage their daily tasks and thus decrease the time required for admin duties.

Email templates were created for various stages of the sales life cycle, which saved team members time and reduced risks of errors when communicating with clients.

GoTo Training was used to deliver a structure Zoho CRM training syllabus and to hold meetings and discussions with muliple parties external to Vinum Assets, for example designers working on artwork, web programmers working on the contact form and so on.

Key elements of the project:

  • Business process analysis
  • Implementation of email hosting and integration of email to Zoho CRM
  • Customizing the CRM to match business processes, including leads, contacts, accounts, potentials, quotes and invoices.
  • Sales dashboards
  • Calendaring and task management
  • Email templates
  • Custom Quotations and Invoices
  • Web to lead functionality
  • Reporting
  • Training
  • HelpDesk Support

Tools Used

  • Demos, basic meetings - Zoho Meeting
  • Scope management, task tracking and issue management - Zoho Projects
  • Project solution - Zoho Mail, Zoho Mail Addon, Zoho iPhone App, Zoho CRM
  • Training and complex, multi party meetings - GoTo Training
  • Online Accounting solution - Zoho Books (Case Study coming soon!)

Vinum Assets are now using their CRM to conduct sales activities and are very happy with the implementation. See their testimonial here. This was a great project and we were very pleased to have worked on it as it gave us the opportunity to really run free using Zoho tools for our latest Zoho Australia customer. We wish the boys at Vinum the best of luck in their business.