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Migration from MailChimp Platform to Zoho Campaigns

Aqua Health Products are a Canadian based business that sell ater based health products. They wanted to consolidate and integrate their online business software such as CRM, accounting and email marketing solutions.

The Problem

Aqua Health Products started their email marketing using MailChimp, a powerful email marketing solution but unrelated to Zoho. Once management started using the Zoho platform for their other business operations, although there is a basic synch of contacts to MailChimp it became apparent that they needed more in the way of integration from MailChimp to their customer relationship management (CRM) app, Zoho CRM, that would allow them to synch data two ways.

The Challenge

Aqua Health Products approached CRM Asia Solutions to help them with their MailChimp migration. The project involved migration of email marketing data, campaigns and workflow from MailChimp to Zoho Campaigns, as well as integration of Zoho Campaigns and Zoho CRM, plus our Small Business Zoho CRM Package, involving customisation of the company's CRM.

We started by analysing the existing setup and then imported data to the CRM, paying attention to mailing lists, bounces and previously unsubscribed contacts. After setting up Zoho Campaigns, mailing lists were then cloned and the data synch'd between Zoho Campaigns and Zoho CRM.

The Result

The entire lead and customer base now reside in the company's CRM system, and are segmented according to the email lists they subscribed to.

As management attend numerous conferences around the Quebec and other regions they often end up with many excel files containing the contact details of leads/booth visitors. These can now be imported into the CRM, into the relevant lists, which are then synch'd automatically to Zoho Campaigns, the online email marketing solution.

From there, management can carry out their email campaigns, track all manner of stats such as read rates, bounce rates, clicks and more. And the best part, these email campaigns and even the high level stats for each recipient are automatically synch'd back to Zoho CRM along with any unsubscribers.

The end result is a 360 degree view between the company's customer database and their email marketing campaigns utilising multiple Zoho business software in the cloud and providing greater visibility into the peformance and results of each campaign.

No hardware, no software, no hassle.

If you are considering migrating from your online email marketing system to Zoho Campaigns, please contact us here for more information.