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Zoho Campaigns Setup - Education Company UK

Thinking Corner are an up and coming innovative educational company in the UK that enhance thinking skills for students and teachers. They approached CRM Asia regarding implementation of Zoho Campaigns online email marketing solution.

The Challenge:

The company needed a fast setup and training needed to be quick, ad hoc topics, online and sometimes ofver the phone! Managers were already web savvy, so the package needed to be implemented rapidly in order to get them up and running as soon as possible so they could start sending out the email campaigns to customers in the UK.

The Solution:

CRM Asia Solutions helped with a Zoho Campaigns setup project in the UK implementing the web based email marketing software for Thinking Corner.

Advice, guidance and practical support was provided by CRM Asia Solutions to Thinking Corner via a variety of channels and media, namely online training, phone and Skype. Highly dynamic individuals, Thinking Corner management moved fast and thought fast!  This needed to be reflected in the training and Zoho consulting services that we offered.

Lists were to be segmented so this required setup in the project as well as ongoing advice in terms of post project support. Thinking Corner also sought advice on the 'chain campaign' function and the ability to send follow up campaign emails to readers and non readers of the original, thus further increasing read rates and click through rates.

Some of the requests made by the team were not in fact possible in Zoho Campaigns but CRM Asia Solutions acted as 'partners' to their clients in this case and worked with their partners Zoho to get the features placed on roll out schedules as well as highlighting some software glitches to the Zoho team for fixing at a later date.

The Results:

Thinking Corner adopted Zoho Campaigns in full, so much so that they came back to us to request a free set up of their sister company Key Stage Theatre, who also implemented this email marketing software for their business.


Zoho Campaigns provides functions to track your campaign analytics - for example, who read your email, who clicked the links, who forwarded it, which emails bounced and so on. But also more detailed information such as where the readers are located, what browser they used and whether they read the email on mobile devices.  This means you can greatly increase the reach that you have to your customers and help increase the level of communications you have with them.

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