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Targeted Lists Using Zoho CRM Custom Views Synchronized With Zoho Campaigns - Vinum Assets, Australia

Vinum Assets is a boutique wine investment advisory business that supports private clients in Hong Kong, Australia and throughout the Asia Pacific region.

The Challenge:

The company required contact segmentation and a method to target their accounts, contacts and prospects in order to develop relevant and successful email marketing campaigns so that response rates could be significantly increased.

The Solution:

CRM Asia Solutions was selected to implement Zoho Campaigns and integrate the email marketing application with the already implemented Zoho CRM application.

Advice, guidance and practical support was provided by CRM Asia Solutions to Vinum Assets in order to target and segment their Zoho CRM "contacts" made up of accounts, customers, contacts, and prospects.

Typically companies require demographic segmentation, geographic segmentation, and behavioral segmentation and Vinum Assets initially required their contacts to be segmented by wine tasting event attendees, newsletter recipients, prospects, customers, Hong Kong prospects and prospects in Australia.

CRM Asia Solutions provided Zoho CRM training and Zoho Campaigns training that covered Zoho CRM custom view lists, Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns synchronization and all Zoho Campains features.

A Zoho CRM view is a powerful, yet relatively simple, way of filtering contact information into segmented demographic, geographical and behavioral lists that significantly increases sales and marketing productivity.
The synchronization of Zoho CRM and the email marketing and social media marketing Zoho Campaigns application integrates the contact information stored in Zoho CRM with Zoho Campaigns.

Zoho Campaigns not only allows you track your campaign analytics, e.g. opens, clicks, bounces, autoreplies, forwards etc., but vitally, allows you to reach out to your contacts, improve email and social media marketing response rates, and engage with them appropriately.


Vinum Assets now use Zoho CRM integrated with Zoho Campaigns to easily and regularly engage with segmented customers and prospects in Australia, Hong Kong and throughout the Asia Pacific region and has significantly increased its marketing campaigns response rates, and at the same time, have substantially improved its sales and marketing teams' productivity.