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Basic Website Design & Zoho CRM Implementation Greece - Leonor Jewellery Designs

Leonor Jewellery Designs is an independent company based in Greece offering a stylish range of jewellery (necklaces, earrings, bracelets). They needed a small website, to be built on a budget, that included Google Analytics and was also able to receive enquiries from potential customers and dealers via the contact form on their website and insert these as leads in to a CRM for follow up by non-technical users. Zoho CRM was the perfect online CRM solution.


Leonor required a simple, inexpensive website design as a means of providing information about the company and materials used in their products. They also needed a way of displaying product images and allowing potential customers to contact them.

The company also wanted to capture and segment leads, both from their new website and also from exhibitions and improve collaboration within the company so that they could improve their lead to sales conversion ratio.


CRM Asia Solutions carried out the website design and deployment within 2-3 weeks.

We also included Google analytics in the website and Leonor received regular analytics reports on website traffic.

CRM Asia Solutions’ Zoho CRM Rapid Implementation Package was also selected which included:

  • Zoho CRM
  • Centralized calendaring and tasks management
  • Automated workflow and notification triggers
  • Specific emphasis on the use of capturing leads and sales collaboration.
  • Basic email marketing

Key elements of the project were:

Analysis and Planning

  • Business process analysis
  • Customizing the CRM to match business processes and leverage more opportunities
  • Target the right audience
  • Budgets and development timeframes
  • Website system administration
  • Website development


  • Google analytics
  • Creation of management dashboards and reports
  • Set up of communication templates
  • Set up of web to lead functionality


  • Website traffic (Google analytics)
  • Integration with website


  • Creation of training materials


Following the introduction of the website and Zoho CRM on time and within budget, Leonor increased their up selling and cross selling revenue streams through a greater focus on customer management.

With greater visibility into leads and prospects, pipeline and forecast management was improved, resulting in an increased lead/sales conversion ratio.

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