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Contact Management - Zoho CRM Implementation Australia - Global SC Group

Global SC Group, Sydney Australia, which “exists to help companies win Supply Chain Advantage”, approached us requesting a CRM system that would help them manage extensive information on their business contacts. The company had outgrown Outlook, but still wanted to use it for day to day emailing and calendar management.


To adapt an online CRM solution to match their current contact management system and allow effective contact segmentation and email marketing.


We recommended a Zoho CRM Rapid Implementation package including the Outlook Plug-in which allowed their users to integrate all Outlook activity with Zoho CRM.

The Zoho CRM Outlook Plug-in is a productivity enhancement tool that empowers Microsoft Outlook CRM users to synchronize their customer-related contacts, calendar, tasks and emails with Zoho CRM.

The key features of the Zoho CRM Outlook Plug-in are:

  • Synchronize contacts, calendar and tasks between Microsoft Outlook and Zoho CRM.
  • Add Outlook inbound and outbound emails as Cases to Zoho CRM - contacts.
  • Associate Outlook inbound and outbound emails with Leads or Contacts in Zoho CRM.
  • Modify email message and file attachments to the Lead or Contact in Zoho CRM without modifying the original message in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Resolve conflicts while synchronizing contacts, calendar and tasks with Zoho CRM so that there will not be any mismatch of the customer data.

The key elements of the project were:

  • Implementation of Rapid Implementation CRM Package using Zoho CRM
  • Implementation of centralized calendaring and tasks management.
  • Implementation of automated workflow and notification triggers.
  • Implementation of the Zoho CRM Outlook Plug-in.

The customization of numerous contact related information as well as customization of the leads, accounts and sales modules.

CRM Asia Solutions implemented Zoho CRM and Connect into following departments:

  • Sales
  • Marketing

Key elements of the project were:

  • Analysis and planning
  • Business process analysis
  • Customizing the CRM to match business processes. This included emphasis on business leads, contacts and accounts.
  • Implementation
  • Creation of Sales dashboards
  • Creation of Management dashboards and reports
  • Collaborative calendaring and task management
  • Set up of communication templates for every team
  • Set up of workflow automation – for example, notification of closed sales, assigned/late tasks, meeting invites, large deal sizes etc
  • Set up of web to lead functionality
  • Set up of the Zoho CRM Outlook Plug-in.


  • Set up of top level management reports.
  • Set up of team level sales and weekly work reports.
  • Set up of department and middle management reports.
  • Integration with Existing Systems
  • Integration with website
  • Microsoft Outlook.


  • Creation of training materials
  • Conduct training programs for every team via pre arranged skype and Zoho (virtual) Meeting conferences


Whilst Microsoft Outlook Excel was reliable in that provided information on business contacts, it did not have the functionality that the Global Supply Chain required.

Following the introduction of Zoho CRM, the Global Supply Chain Group was able to not only focus more efficiently on their business contacts, but also improved their sales pipeline and customer management strategies.

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