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Web Based Training Canada - Coquitlam Express

Coquitlam Express are a small ice hockey club in Vancouver, Canada. As part of an insightful move by senior management they implemented Group Edition in their business to help deal with leads, potential sales, email communications and pipeline reporting. The users were mostly ex-hockey players who had limited knowledge of what a CRM was or why it was of use to them, so they needed an affordable online business training package that gave a crash course consisting of introductions to CRM concepts together with user training on the basic functions of


Course Duration:  


20 hours spread over 2 weeks


The challenge for this training project was primarily the low level of technical expertise of the users, which meant we had to design the course to explain concepts first, then get into the functions of the system.  CRM training material had to be very visual to help speed up the understanding of CRM concepts, help the team understand how they fitted into the overall process and see how the online CRM tool would benefit them.  Finally, we also had to introduce them to online training tools as well as the CRM itself and for this we chose a combination of tools from our extensive suite of Zoho business solutions.


CRM Asia Solutions tailored their established training materials to match the client's needs and then used a combination of Zoho online business tools to deliver the course and share training materials with the trainees.

The course session dates and times were established in advance to cater for time differences and they were tracked using our own online CRM tool so that we could track online training sessions, attendees, notes, cancellations and so on.

We also had to allow users to submit customisation ideas that they felt they needed. To do this we put the team onto our online CRM HelpDesk for the post training period, which allowed them to submit customisation requests and ask further questions through HelpDesk tickets or email, which were answered / implemented by our team.

Online Training Course Modules

Conceptual Training

  • CRM Overview
  • Leads
  • Accounts
  • Opportunities

Functional Training

  • Adding, editing and managing Leads
  • Adding, editing and managing Accounts
  • Adding, editing and managing Contacts
  • Adding, editing and managing Opportunities
  • Emailing and using email templates
  • Logging outgoing / incoming calls
  • Creating Email templates (Admin)
  • Reports

Tools Used


CRM solution:        
Online demos and presentations:        
Virtual meetings, two way screen sharing:        
Internal course tracking (attendees, session notes etc):        
Video collaboration:       
Testing and consolidation:        
Post training support:   
Zoho Show
Zoho Meeting
Zoho CRM
Online Quiz
CRM Asia Solutions HelpDesk

Materials Delivered

  • Training agenda
  • Training slides for each module
  • Screen capture video for complex processes (DVD)
  • Course feedback survey


After completion of the online training course and post training support period the attendees at Coquitlam Express were able to manage their sales and web/phone enquiries as well as carry out standard sales activities such as emailing and calling and progressing the sale to closure. They were also able to capture more lead information for hockey events and then carry out effective segmentation on those leads for future email marketing campaigns.

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