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Zoho Docs - Online Document Management Anytime, Anywhere.

The Online Document Management System 'Zoho Docs', is a powerful web based document management system that enables you to keep and manage all of your files safely and efficiently, centralising your documents, allowing you to access and share them anytime, anywhere.

Zoho Docs web based document management soution
Zoho Docs document management software has extensive functionality

You can create, edit, share, view and upload any type of file including word documents, presentations, spreadsheets, images, music, videos, recordings, etc.

And Zoho Docs will allow you to collaborate with colleagues, staff, clients and suppliers by easily sharing the files.

Collaborate with your contacts anytime, anywhere using the Zoho Docs Document Management application, and store, manage and share your information today.

Store, Manage, And Share Your Data Easily And Securely With Zoho Docs

Why should you use Zoho Docs?

Zoho Docs is easy to use

Zoho Docs does not need you to download any software and is very user friendly and easy to use and allows you to manage documents online.

New users to Zoho Docs can start to use it immediately because the application has been designed to be easily navigated.

Furthermore, as with all Zoho applications, files can be accessed and shared online from anywhere.

Zoho Docs is secure

SSL encryption makes all transfers safe, files are stored securely and there is password protection on all files.
Files are further protected in terms of confidentiality by your appointed administrator, who can provide specific access rights to the users to access the files.

Zoho Docs has extensive user management functions

Your Zoho Docs administrator has complete control over what users and groups of users can access.
Easily manage users and domains, set permissions to users, and much more.
With Zoho Docs you can modernize the way that you store, access and share information throughout your company.

Zoho Docs is superbly supported

Zoho Docs is supported in a variety ways including a Getting Started Guide, a step by step tutorial, demonstration videos, screenshots tour, a forum, FAQs and regular updates in Twitter.
And, for a small additional annual fee, you can also get personal assistance through CRM Asia Solutions' Help Desk.

Zoho Docs is a highly effective low cost, low maintenance application

Zoho Docs subscriptions include free and paid editions, with the Standard paid version being around £2 per user per month plus approximately £2 for an additional 5GB of storage and the Premium edition being around £3.25 per user per month plus approximately £2 for an additional 5GB of storage.

Check out the latest video from Zoho "What is Zoho Docs" to get a better understanding of this powerful and affordable online document management solution.

With Zoho Docs there is no need for you to install, maintain and protect expensive hardware.
And there is no need to install any software.
The Zoho Docs application comes with up to 1GB of storage free for you to store, access, share and manage all of your company's documents, safely, and securely.

For more details on Zoho Docs online document management software, please contact us here.