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Integrated Zoho Applications For Sydney Australia Small Business Tree Solutions Company

In our cloud technology business it gets rather boring reading about the major CRM & ERP players selling a so many thousand seat ERP or a so many hundred user CRM app.

So I am really pleased to tell you about how the cloud software Zoho applications have been taken to the trees in Sydney Australia.

Well, OK that may be a little over the top claim, but how about a with one user Zoho CRM Professional edition fully integrated with Zoho Mail and Zoho Invoice and Zoho Invoice Mobile for Sydney Tree Solutions by CRM Asia Solutions.

Sydney Tree Solutions deZoho Invoice runs on your iPad, iPhone or Android devicelivers professional tree services throughout metropolitan Sydney with most of the tree solutions business concentrate on the north shore, hills district, inner west and eastern suburbs regions.

As this should be a case study let me start with the challenge which was to provide a one user, mobility centric, fully integrated contact management, sales force automation, email management and invoice management system delivered on an iPad.

And to be able to use the system not only in the office, at home but also on site. Well, not quite in the trees, but nearly!

The result was that CRM Asia Solutions working with Sydney Tree Solutions implemented a simple to use system using the owners’ iPad that allows him to go and inspect the work to be done, create a quote at prospects’ sites, send the quotations at the time of creating the quote and then convert the quotes to invoices if the proposal was accepted.  

One amazingly inexpensive integrated system for a small business with easy to use CRM, email and invoice applications at its heart.

And the cost? Well, for about two to three days work from the so called “major” ERP and CRM companies you can have this system including training, ongoing support from CRM Asia Solutions and your annual Zoho application subscription fees.

Drop us an email to sales at crmasiasolutions dot com or compete the form here if you would like to know more about our integrated Zoho mobile solutions for small businesses.