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Get Accurate Online Sales Reports and Publish in a Business Wiki

CRM Asia Solutions is a Zoho Partner and provides consulting and implementation services for a full suite of on demand CRM and other online business tools. We use the tools we sell and thought an internal project we did to publish reports online to improve online sales reporting and collaboration would make a good case study!


The challenge was to develop a set of online sales reports using Zoho Reports to help senior management and directors analyse company sales figures and improve business intelligence.

The major aims were to:

  • Analyze and improve lead sources and conversion.
  • Analyze and improve sales KPIs for both local and international operations.
  • Provide data in order carry out regular reviews and introduce more structured business development activities based on real time data.
  • Provide folders for ease of finding reports, charts and dashboards.
  • Introduce drag and drop functions for user filters to be used in the reports and charts.


Implementation of Zoho Reports Business Intelligence application.

Integration of Zoho CRM data to Zoho Reports.

Publishing reports, charts and dashboards from Zoho Reports to Zoho Wiki

  • The development of reports, charts and dashboards for:
  • Actual Sales Revenue Analysis
  • Forecast Analysis
  • Sales Win Loss Analysis
  • Sales Activities Analysis
  • Sales Demographics Analysis
  • Lead Analysis

Analysis and planning phase.

A review was carried out on the use of Zoho CRM and, in particular, the data currently maintained and provide advice on the further use of mandatory fields in order to improve data consistency and also give advice on the introduction of new data fields.


The implementation steps included:

  • Creation of a sales database in Zoho Reports.
  • Creation of an automatic data export function from Zoho CRM.
  • Creation of Zoho Reports developed reports, charts and dashboards.
  • Creation of embed codes to be used in Zoho Wiki for publishing the charts and dashboards.
  • Creation of charts and dashboards in the company wiki.

Result & Benefits

The result of the sales reporting development using Zoho Reports and Zoho Wiki included a number of tangible benefits:

  • Online web versions of the reports, charts and dashboards were easily, promptly and securely delivered to senior management and stakeholders.
  • Improved strategic and timely decisions using the charts and dashboards.
  • Improved management and employee productivity.
  • Reduced time producing management reports and charts

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