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Integration of Zoho CRM, Collaborative Zoho Calendar, Zoho Invoice and Zoho Mail. And All on Mobile!

Sydney Tree Solutions are tree surgeon specialists based in Sydney, NSW Australia.

They needed Zoho CRM consulting in Australia to help them implement a system that allowed them to store and maintain customer contact information as well as log projects and appointments with customers. These appointments had to synchronise to a centralized calendar that would be used by the workers in the team (who would not necessarily be using the CRM).

Zoho CRM had to integrate to a Zoho Invoice system that allowed management to create quotes and convert them to invoices on a mobile device at the client site.

Sydney Trees also required leads to be captured from their website, directly to the CRM for rapid follow up.

Finally, Sydney Tree Solutions needed to have their email hosted online and integrate it to Zoho CRM.

The Challenge

The project had to be managed online, using Skype and GoTo Meeting to gather requirements.

The workflow and functions had to be simple to use.

As the overall processes made use of mobile devices in addition tointegrated Zoho solutions, we needed to build in plenty of reviews to see how the process was going and then make changes as applicable.

Training had to be done online.

The Solution

CRM Asia Solutions implemented Zoho CRM for basic lead and contact management.

Zoho Calendar was implemented and synchronized to Zoho CRM so that events from the CRM showed in Zoho Calendar, which was then accessed by site workers to see what job was booked on any given day.

Zoho Invoice was implemented to handle job Quotations and Invoices (requests for payment). These can be created by management back in the office or most normally were created on a iPad at the customer site after inspection of the job.

Zoho mobile edition was implemented as part of this project as it allowed management to access Zoho CRM, Zoho Invoice and Zoho Mail from one single portal via their mobile devices, carrying out most of the required functions on mobile, the other less urgent functions being done at the office.

Zoho CRM training was done line for the client who was based in Australia.

Key elements of the project:

Business process analysis

  • Customizing Zoho CRM to match business processes
  • Zoho Invoice Custom Quotations and Invoices
  • Integration of Zoho Invoice to Zoho CRM
  • Zoho Calendar, integrated to Zoho CRM
  • Zoho Mail hosted email
  • Mobile CRM & Invoice
  • Online Zoho training Australia

Tools Used

  • Meetings & reviews - GoTo Meeting
  • Online project management - Zoho Projects
  • Zoho CRM, Zoho Invoice, Zoho Calendar, Zoho Mail, Mobile Zoho portal
  • Training - GoTo Training software was used to deliver online Zoho training to Australia


The project highlighted some limitations in the synch functions between Zoho CRM and Zoho Invoice for businesses that need a lot of mobility and work orders, that can be used by ‘mobile teams’, which CRM Asia Solutions have requested these as feature improvements to Zoho to help improve their products.

This was a good project to take advantage of the mobility of Zoho apps using the Zoho Mobile portal though and Sydney Tree Solution now use Zoho CRM to manage contact information and create quotes and invoices onsite on their mobile devices. Zoho Calendar now displays the daily work jobs from events logged on the sales opportunities and email is hosted in the cloud using Zoho Mail.