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Zoho CRM & Zoho Invoice Integration - Online Marketing Company Thailand & Hong Kong

Inetasia is a leading software development and internet marketing company based in Bangkok Thailand and Hong Kong, with additional branches in Malaysia and Singapore.

They needed a system that improved the quotation approval process and also automated quotation to invoice conversion, including the accounting process to record payments, send reminders and so on.

The Challenge

  • Manage the project online, gathering requirements and delivering project deliverables to multiple locations.
  • Management had a clear idea of the workflow required. Multiple business units would use the system.
  • The workflow and functions had to be simple to use.
  • Training had to be done online to people throughout SE Asia.

The Solution

CRM Asia Solutions used Zoho CRM and Zoho Invoice to implement the overall system.

Automated Zoho CRM workflow was implemented that notified management of Quote approval requests from Sales Managers and also in reverse when a Quote was approved or rejected.

The workflow also sent key accounting information to accountants at the relevant stage to initiate the Invoice process.

Zoho Invoice modules were used for creating and sending Quotations and Invoices to customers. Relevant email communication templates were create and then the Zoho Invoice one click conversion and sending process meant a great improvement in the sales and accounting process.

CRM Asia Solutions also set up the synchronisation between Zoho CRM and Zoho Invoice so that all customer Accounts and Contacts were automatically synch'd to the Zoho Invoice database.

Several business units made use of the system and each had their own Invoice template, all of which were designed to be attractive, professional corporate invoices complete with company logo, header, footer and so on.

Zoho Meeting was used to give demos and online Zoho CRM training to the Inetasia teams, who are based in Thailand and Hong Kong.

CRM Asia Solutions also consulted and assisted with data 'cleansing', including analysis of problem areas in client contact data and advice on how to clean the information for seamless integration between Zoho CRM and Zoho Invoice.

GoTo Training was used for online Zoho CRM training in Thailand and Hong Kong, together with customised videos and other materials. In addition we implemented a successful Zoho support package that was tailored for Inetasia's needs and budget.

Key elements of the project:

Business process analysis

  • Customizing Zoho CRM to match business processes, including fields, workflow and alerts
  • Zoho Invoice Custom Quotations and Invoices
  • Reporting
  • Training with detailed syllabus and training materials
  • HelpDesk Support

Tools Used

  • Demos, basic meetings - Zoho Meeting
  • Scope management, task tracking and issue management - Zoho Projects
  • Project solution - Zoho CRM, Zoho Invoice
  • Training and complex, multi party meetings and training materials delivery - GoTo Training


Inetasia are now using their Zoho CRM with improved Sales and Accounting workflow and Zoho Invoice to create and send Quotes and Invoices to customers.

This was a complex project and a great challenge that we enjoyed implementing as it gave the chance to integrate Zoho solutions and utilise the functionality in both to the maximum.