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Zoho Recruit - Online Recruitment Software

Recruit More Effectively

Zoho Recruit is a very easy to use online applicant tracking application that is perfect for staffing and recruiting agencies and H.R. recruiting departments to efficiently manage job vacancies, resumes & CVs, potential candidates and applicants and contacts.

Zoho Recruit lets you to spend more time finding the appropriate candidate for the vacancy with features such as automatic parsing and adding resumes,embedding the resume/CV form at your website, publish in job vacancies at your website, managing clients and candidates, forwarding CVs to  clients, tagging job openings, applicants and clients, importing candidates in bulk, sending  customized emails, and fully managing your business processes.

Who Can Use Zoho Recruit?

Zoho Recruit is perfect for:

  • Small businesses wishing to recruit new staff and track and manage applications more efficiently.
  • HR businesses who offer recruitment solutions as their main business model to other businesses.

Accept Applicants from Various Channels

Zoho Recruit allows you to embed your job ads onto your website or in other job sites and will then parse the applications into your Zoho Recruit portal. 

You can even set up the system so that enquiries to your job related email are parsed to Zoho Recruit, including any attached resume, with the resume details being posted into the relevant fields in Zoho Recruit.

Manage Applicants More Efficiently

Zoho Recruit has numerous functions that increase the overall efficiency of your recruitment processes:

  • Inbuilt email engine for email tracking
  • Outlook addon for integration with Microsft Outlook
  • Email templates for job offers, declines, acceptances and other standard processes
  • Collaborative calendar for use by Interviewers and other staff
  • Resume parsing so incomin resumes are parsed to the system automatically
  • And more!

A Recruitment Solution You Can Afford

Zoho Recruit comes in Free and Standard editions with the Standard version costing approximately £12.50 per month per recruiter.  

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