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Cloud Based Zoho Sites Used for Internet Survey Website


Survey Squirrel is a domain we use to push Zoho's cloud based web survey solution that offers powerful analytical feedback from clients, staff, events, product reviews, customer support, etc.
We wanted an on line website presence and we needed it deployed quickly to be used as part of busy schedule of sales and marketing events.  


The challenge for this website project was a rapid deployment of the website, automatic optimization for mobile devices for use at sales and marketing events in order to share information about Survey Squirrel, a ”contact us” page, the ability for users to add their own content and blogs later on, affordable website design with a budget of around US$500 and reasonably priced hosting service.


Zoho Sites is a website builder application that has been designed as simplified and powerful hosted Web Content Management tool and service for small to medium sized businesses.

The Web Content Management System (WCMS) Zoho Sites was seen as the most cost effective solution in order to have their website deployed in the time for various marketing initiatives.  

Furthermore Zoho Sites provides the ability to easily add website content, images, videos and maps on the fly by non-technical people and also allows marketing people to easily add blogs.

We developed the sitemap/menus and designed the website using a Zoho Sites website template. Content was written, images procured from third party image sites and this was all added to the website using the easy Zoho Sites content editor.

We also transferred the domain name, registered it with Google, implemented Google Analytics and provided basic website content optimization for SEO purposes.   


The website was deployed within two days and is now live here and provides visitors all the relevant information relating to the Survey Squirrel web surveys and contact details.

Since the deployment of the website the content has been effortlessly modified and updated a little by the Survey Squirrel administrator.

Zoho Sites is perfect for sole traders, startups or SMEs. Website design services for a basic site like this fall within a budget at just US$499.

If you are interested in a rapid website design services and business domain hosting at a cost that will not break your budget, please contact us here. Or, drop us an email at sales at CRMAsiaSolutions dot com.

Crafting online solutions for our Zoho clients is at the heart of what we do at CRM Asia Solutions.