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Website for Couple Selling Condo


One of our first case studies for Zoho Sites was for a couple in Thailand who wanted to advertise their condominium on the web by creating a website that provided information on the condo such as:

- Description
- Layout
- Facilities
- Location & Amenities
- Contact


The challenge for this small project was quite simply: quick, cheap and cheerful!

The couple who approached us were not looking for a custom designed, expensive looking website. They planned to publicise the site themselves using chat, email and their own social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. and they wanted the website to simply refer people to, rather than sending interested parties documents each time; they also wanted to be able to show people the information on their mobile devices should they meet potential buyers whilst out and about, giving the ability to refer to the information quickly and easily.

They wanted a website design that was simple and that they could maintain and update in terms of adding/changing images and content, as well as a means to accept incoming contact requests from interested parties.

They also wanted to be able to insert a Google Map of the location of the condo, as well as implement social sharing gadgets on the website pages so that readers can share the site on their own social networks, helping them to reach more people.


Zoho Sites! Zoho Sites is the simple to use and extremely affordable, online Content Management System (CMS) from Zoho.

Zoho Sites allows you to quickly and easily create website pages and insert content, images and even videos and maps.

CRM Asia Solutions helped confirm the sitemap then chose one of the several Zoho Sites website templates and created the website within just a few hours.

Images were all supplied by the client, as was the website content.

As part of our services we also helped them decide on a suitable domain name and using the Zoho Sites built in domain purchase function, the domain was purchased and the website deplyed in less than one day!

Follow up services have consisted of implementing Google analytics as well as registering the site with Google and carrying out basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services on the content.


Content has been tweaked directly by the client since being live, without the need for a support contract thanks to Zoho Sites drag and drop functionality. (Zoho Sites is in our opinion one of the easiest CMSs we have come across!)

The website is even available on mobile devices - no additional mobile template or mobile coding was required - all Zoho Sites templates are tuned to be compatible on PCs, laptops and mobile devices.

All Zoho Sites websites are automatically optimsed for use on mobile devices

If you are interested in a rapid website implementation at a cost that will not break the bank, please contact us here. Or, drop us an email at info at CRM Asia Solutions dot com.