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Zoho CRM Training And Support To A Full Service Coffee & Coffee Machine Supplier In Australia

Coffee Machine Express, with sales and after sales operations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane is dedicated to providing a high quality coffee options to their customers in Australia. They have an extensive range of office coffee machines to suit any size office, backed up with extended warranties and service.

CRM Asia Solutions was selected to provide Coffee Machine Express with Zoho CRM training and support for staff in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in Australia.  


As an existing Zoho CRM user, Coffee Machine Express wanted to get a better understanding of Zoho CRM so that the company could see more benefits from using the Zoho application. Zoho CRM training and support for their operations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane was required. 


Zoho CRM training was provided to five people based in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

Zoho CRM Training Solution.

Coffee Machine Express selected CRM Asia Solutions' Zoho CRM Intermediate training and implementation package.  

The structured training syllabus for the Zoho CRM Intermediate package includes:


The first module of the Zoho training syllabus is designed to provide an excellent overview of Zoho, and in particular, what you can be achieved with Zoho CRM.


The leads module is aimed towards sales managers. It uncovers the concepts behind a typical lead life cycle with relation to a CRM tool and highlights the associated key CRM functions/processes.


Most businesses data revolves around the Account, or the ‘company’. This module covers this important foundation of CRM and explains the various fields available and in the more advanced parts of the course, shows you how to customize these fields to match you business needs.

Potentials (Opportunities)

The potentials reflect the revenue pipeline for your business and for that reason this module may be considered as one of the most important and this is why it also has the most study topics in the course.  

Cases & Solutions

The Cases & Solutions module covers the concepts of customer support with Zoho CRM. Trainees will learn how to use the CRM to support customer issues as well as how to use the CRM Solutions module as a company knowledgebase to find answers to common customer FAQ.

Dashboards & Activities

These two modules touch on CRM dashboards, why they are used and where the data comes from and the importance of accurate information.


The campaigns module is used to log and track all marketing campaigns and activity and then provide accurate reports on marketing ROI.


We trained the client to make use of the powerful reporting module.

We reviewed how to use the 30+ standard reports in Zoho CRM as well as how to customize them to match his business requirements.

Additionally, we also included in the training scope certain elements of Zoho CRM Administration that are normally covered in the Zoho CRM advanced training package.

Zoho CRM Online Support

Coffee Machine Express also selected CRM Asia Solutions’ help desk support package which provides the access to the following:

  • Submission of support requests via the intuitive help desk Zoho Support customer portal or via a dedicated email address.
  • Ticket tracking, commenting, attachments using the Zoho Support application.
  • Knowledgebase articles archived in Zoho Support.
  • Downloads such as user guides and even training videos.
  • Live Chat support - chat live with one of our Zoho support experts and get immediate answers to your questions.

Zoho Tools Used

Zoho CRM  - for the CRM solution and internal course tracking activities e.g. attendees, session notes, etc..
Zoho Show  - for online demos and presentations.
Zoho Meeting - for virtual meetings, two way screen sharing.
Zoho Support - for online support.

Materials Delivered

Training agenda
Training slides for each module


After completion of the online Zoho CRM training course and consultancy, the Coffee Machine Express team had a better understanding of CRM concepts, considerably improved knowldge of the Zoho CRM features and how to use them, especially how to better manage leads through the sales life cycle.

For more details of how we can help you to use Zoho CRM with our structured online CRM training courses, contact us here,  or send an email to