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Online Zoho CRM Training U.S.A. - Web and Skype Based Zoho Support

Synergy Chat is an American company started with the goal of creating rich cloud computing applications for video communication across the web.


The objective for this training project was to very quickly set up an initial Zoho CRM training course to be conducted online for a business in the USA for the company's video communications products using Zoho CRM.

Synergy Chat had a very clear process that the company wanted to use and this was based on the company's excellent website, web forms and autoresponder management for two different types of requirements - a thirty day trial period or buying without a trial.  


Synergy Chat provided CRM Asia Solutions with a detailed document of the sales and marketing process and CRM Asia Solutions tailored their online Zoho CRM training to meet these specific requirements.   

The training was based on the need for a set of messages to be sent to companies over a period of time who had signed up at Synergy Chat website for their video communication applications. The messages were sent using email in the form of autoresponders generated from the Zoho CRM autoresponder management function.

The Zoho CRM autoresponder management feature on Zoho CRM can also be used for:

  • Nurturing leads
  • Providing email information regarding your products
  • Sending introduction emails to your prospects
  • Automating reminder emails to receive payments from customers
  • Scheduling newsletters

Zoho CRM Online Training Modules

  • Setting up auto responders
  • Adding custom search views
  • Setting up workflow rules and alerts

When the short online training course had been completed CRM Asia Solutions also followed up with further advice and guidance on autoresponder management using Zoho CRM.

Tools Used

CRM Solution:   

Virtual meetings, two way screen sharing: 

Zoho CRM
Zoho Assist and Skype


After completion of the online Zoho CRM training course and consultancy, Synergy Chat sales and marketing staff immediately took advantage of the Zoho CRM automation functionality that streamlined the company's process of sending series of personalized email messages at predefined intervals to the leads and contacts generated by the webform integrated with Zoho CRM.

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