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Online Zoho CRM Training Australia - Software Distribution Company

TrackITOnline is based in Australia and is a software distribution company that specialises in IT Management Tools, Virtualization, Reporting and Optimisation.


The challenge for this training project was to provide the TrackITOnline team with Intermediate to Advanced level Zoho CRM training in Australia as the company had been using the Zoho CRM application for a couple of months.

This meant that we had to design the course to deliver the Zoho CRM concepts first, then get quickly into the functional details of the system.

In order to transition from overview to detailed functions, the training material had to be very visual to help speed up the understanding of not only the Zoho CRM concepts, but also to focus on the detailed functions that the team required in order to get the most benefits out of Zoho CRM

Given the limited time available, all implementation and training activities had to be carefully managed using the Zoho Projects application.

The online visual presentation application used was Zoho Show and the online virtual meetings between CRM Asia Solutions and multiple locations in Australia were managed using Zoho Meeting.

Number of Participants

There were a total of 6 participants based in Australia.


CRM Asia Solutions tailored their established Zoho CRM training materials to match the TrackITOnlione's requirements and then used a combination of Zoho online business tools to deliver the course and share the training materials with the course attendees based in Australia.

The course session dates and times were established in advance to cater for time differences and they were tracked using our own online Zoho CRM tool so that we could track online training sessions, attendees, and notes.

We also had to allow users to consider customisation ideas that they felt they needed.

When the training had been completed the TrackITOnline staff were in a good position to understand their customization needs and then submitted them to the CRM Asia Solutions Help Desk

The customization and also ad hoc advice and guidance requests were requested through the use of HelpDesk tickets and email, which were answered / implemented by our team.

Zoho CRM Online Training Course Modules

Conceptual Training

Initial training scope to cover leads, accounts, contacts, potentials, quotes, activities & reports.

  • Zoho CRM Overview
  • Leads
  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Potentials
  • Quotes
  • Activities
  • Reports

Functional Training

  • Adding, editing and managing Leads
  • Adding, editing and managing Accounts
  • Adding, editing and managing Contacts
  • Adding, editing and managing Potentials
  • Adding, editing and managing Quotes
  • Creating, customizing, editing and managing Reports
  • Emailing and using email templates
  • Logging outgoing / incoming calls
  • Creating Email templates (Admin)
  • Running Reports

Tools Used

CRM Solution:                                                                         Zoho CRM
Online demos and presentations:                                           Zoho Show
Virtual meetings, two way screen sharing:                             Zoho Meeting
Internal course tracking (attendees, session notes etc):         Zoho CRM
Post training online Zoho support:                                         CRM Asia Solutions HelpDesk

Materials Delivered

  • Training agenda
  • Training slides for each module


After completion of the online Zoho CRM training course the team at TrackITOnline were able to better manage their agents and direct contacts using advanced features of the application from initial point of contact, progressing the sale and through to closure.

They were also able to capture more information about their agents' requirements so that they could more effectively segment them for future email marketing campaigns.

The CRM Asia Solution Help Desk gave the team at TrackITOnline with a timely "real person", first line, customer support experience.   

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