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Zoho Support With Zoho CRM Integration - Online Marketing Company Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore And Thailand

Providing internet consultancy and e-marketing services, Inetasia has locations in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

The company required a support portal for ticket management, a knowledgebase, support portals for customers and support workflow and be able to access customer tickets from within their cloud based CRM application, Zoho CRM.

The Challenge:

  • Manage the project online, gathering requirements and delivering project deliverables to multiple locations.
  • Multiple business units and channels would use the system.
  • The workflow and functions had to be easy to use.
  • Training was required throughout South East Asia and also in Hong Kong.

The Solution:

CRM Asia Solutions was selected to implement Zoho Support and integrate the online support application with Zoho CRM.

The integration of Zoho CRM with Zoho Support provided Inetasia's sales and marketing staff a platform to keep track of the tickets of leads, contacts and accounts from their CRM appliaction.

Inetasia's channel support desks now receive tickets into their support portal twenty-four hours a day from web forms and e-mail.

Automated workflows now process request assignments and support notifications.

CRM Asia Solutions set up solution categories and imported solutions into Zoho Support.

The Zoho Support knowledgebase solutions and articles that optionally contain images and attachments are accessed by both customers and support staff.

CRM Asia Solutions configured the Zoho Support integration in Zoho CRM and activated Zoho Support for Zoho CRM users so that sales and marketing could view tickets from within Zoho CRM.

A combination of Zoho Meeting and GoTo Training was used to provide demonstrations and online Zoho Support training and Zoho CRM support ticket view training to Inetasia's staff.

Customized videos and documentation materials were provided as part of the implementation.

CRM Asia Solutions now provides Inetasia with after sales support through their own Zoho Support portal.

Key elements of the project:

  • Business process analysis.
  • Customizing Zoho CRM to match business processes, including fields, workflow and alerts.
  • Training with detailed syllabus and training materials.
  • HelpDesk Support.

Tools used:

  • Demonstrations and basic meetings - Zoho Meeting.
  • Scope management, task tracking and issue management - Zoho Projects.
  • Project solution - Zoho CRM, Zoho Invoice.
  • Training and multi-party meetings and training materials delivery - GoTo Training.


Inetasia are now using Zoho Support integrated with Zoho CRM to keep track of the customer tickets from within their CRM account, more actively communicate with support customers through having the ability to deliver superior customer service using Zoho Support through many support channels - web, email, web and a customer portal, and provide staff and customers access to a growing knowledgebase of solutions for their internet consultancy and e-marketing services.