to Zoho CRM Migration for Major Asian Software Company

A leading IT company in the SE Asia region that specialises in website design, search engine optimisation, digital marketing and web analytics, as part of their drive to reduce operational costs, looked to Zoho CRM and selected CRM Asia Solutions to carry out a CRM migration from to Zoho CRM.

As the company had been using for some time, the challenge with this project was to replicate all of the custom fields across leads, accounts, contact and opportunities replicate and improve on existing workflow migrate the numerous email templates and data in as short a time as possible give a seamless transition experience for team members and management.

Detailed analysis for this to Zoho CRM migration was required for all of the key sales, marketing and support modules so that we could fully replicate in Zoho CRM or decide whether they could be improved during the project.

Existing workflow was analysed and replicated due to the flexible nature of Zoho CRMs workflow rules and alerts features. New workflow was also designed to streamline the accounting and project management processes.

Data was migrated by data export and Zoho CRM data import functions.

Email templates were looked at in detail, streamlined where possible and migrated using HTML transfer to avoid potential formatting issues.

As there was a fairly large Sales team using at the time of the project we prioritised modules and did the replication and migration in stages. This took longer, but on this project completion in a short timeframe was not a requirement and this meant there was less disruption to work in progress.

We also managed the CRM migration using Zoho Projects. The project was based on an estimated number of consulting hours so tasks were timed and tracked in the task management module and the client was able to get full visibility into the project status as well as answer questions and give feedback on issues via the project forums.

After the migration project we carried out extensive testing followed by focused online Zoho CRM training for team members in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore and China. CRM Asia Solutions followed their established training course and made use of its online training materials and suite of collaboration tools such as Zoho Show and Zoho Meeting to carry out the training.

We finished replicating CRM customisation from to Zoho CRM together with data migration and the sales teams now use Zoho CRM in full, with the option of integrating Zoho CRM to any number of other Zoho apps from the full Zoho suite of business software.

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