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Zoho Support Online HelpDesk Software Implementation

A leading software development company in the SE Asia region based in Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore. They needed a helpdesk system to improve the customer service experience and manage customer support requests between agents and bridge the gap between sales and support.

The Problem

The business was already using an automated HelpDesk solution for customer support, but as the business moved to more and more Zoho apps, many of which are integrated, they needed a system that was able to integrate Accounts and Contacts from their CRM solution, into the HelpDesk, automatically, without the need to manually enter them and all of which runs on a single sign on basis from cloud based infrastructure.

The Solution

We implemented Zoho Desk, the online HelpDesk solution from Zoho. 

A very important factor to consider for small medium business is of course software cost and Zoho online business software is perfectly designed for small business with flexible licensing on their cloud apps. With this in mind we started by analysing license needs to keep costs to a minimum. Due to the flexible nature of Zoho licensing, the company was able to go for a model that allowed more support agents compared to volume of tickets.

The basic HelpDesk infrastructure was set up including agent and customer portal, email parsing for the corporate support email address, agent signatures and corporate identity, departments and workflow.

As mentioned, the company was already using Zoho CRM, so CRM Asia Solutions then created a filter in the CRM to filter out the support clients and this filter was then used to synch support clients into the HelpDesk.

Knowledgebase categories were created according to the various departments in operation allowing the team to upload their knowledgebase (help) articles to the HelpDesk.

Training was done online and followed a structured Zoho training syllabus that was done via a trainer to agent basis, to agents based in Thailand and Hong Kong.

The Results

The old HelpDesk was phased out and now the company runs Zoho Desk online service desk software along with various other Zoho cloud solutions for an end to end solution for its business operations and client service. The HelpDesk platform is operated by agents based in multiple regions, from Thailand to Hong Kong.

Clients are able to logon to their HelpDesk portal and submit help requests via web based tickets or email, the emails get 'parsed' into the HelpDesk automatically and agents are notified.

Agents can reply to the tickets via email or the portal and the entire thread is recorded in one location for reference and tracking purposes.

Customers can also search through the articles in the corporate knowledgebase and find information for themselves; or, the agents can now refer clients to these articles to help them with their problems. This not only has the effect of reducing frustration for the customer but also reducing ticket volume and response times.

Zoho Support, the online HelpDesk software from Zoho, was implemented, customised and agents trained in less than two months.

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