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Zoho People Implementation Covering Regional Offices in Southeast Asia

A leading software development and web analytics provider in the SE Asia region, based in Thailand and Hong Kong, needed a system that could be used to track corporate policies, holidays in several countries in the region, as well as track and manage staff leave and various other HR matters.

The Problem

An expanding company that operates across several countries in the SE Asia region, tracking staff leave was difficult. They needed a leave tracking solution. Each country has different national holidays too, and although leave was based on various roles to some extent, each staff had different amounts of leave entitlement. Couple this with a need to track leave on an accrual basis and factor in local national holidays and weekends, and the problems were compounded.

In addition the company needed a way to centralise the company policies - on leave and all other corporate matters - to avoid the "I didn't know about this process" type scenario!

They also needed a way to log and track sales expenses for each month, on an ongoing basis, and have these approved by line managers before being sent to the Accounting department for processing.

The Solution

We implemented Zoho People, the online HR management solution from Zoho.

As the company was already a power user of Zoho, Zoho People was a logical progression in the direction of migrating their business to the cloud and becoming a fully automated organisation.

Zoho People is capable of handling all of your company HR requirements, from corporate policies to company holidays for various offices, to leave tracking for staff, even asset tracking, salaries, announcements, expense tracking and many other functions.

The process for tracking leave involved analysing the current company processes such as looking at manual leave application forms and then replicating this in the Zoho People interface.

When doing the project it became apparent that the concepts of accrued leave were not always clear to the staff, so the system did to some extent help staff to understand the concepts of accrued leave as well, and CRM Asia Solutions also created custom Zoho training materials for the teams to help aid understanding.

The leave application process was also anlaysed and replicated such that staff leave applications were sent automatically to their immediate line managers for approval and only when the leave was approved would staff leave be deducted from their total leave count. From then on, Zoho People handled the rest and leave reporting showing what leave was taken, by which staff, on what date, was easy.

In addition to this the company implemented expense tracking, however the module was customised to match their business processes by analysing the ways in which the staff submitted and approved expense requests, and then designing the form and approval process to replicate this process and in some cases improve it.

The Result

Now the entire corporate HR policy, leave management and expense management aspects of the business are handled by Zoho People online HR management software. Future developments are also possible as the reach of the Zoho People modules is extensive:

  • Asset Tracking
  • Training Management
  • Performance Management
  • And more...

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