Facebook for Marketing

31.05.17 01:31 PM By Patty

Ensure that YOU Stand Out From the Masses on Facebook

A Facebook page has become an essential marketing tool that can connect a business with current and prospective customers in ways that were never possible before. That is why Facebook is already home to over 1.5 million business pages and 10,000 new businesses launch a presence on Facebook each day.

When launching a presence on Facebook it is important that you do so in a way that will ensure your business stands out from the crowd:

1 – Create A Professional Appearance - Your Company Page should be customized to reflect your unique business. It is important to use color, images, and your company logo to ensure that your Facebook presence matches seamlessly with your company website and other marketing materials. Building a social presence that is professional and appealing is what will allow you to generate interest from potential customers.

2 – Include A Call to Action - Your design should answer that important question, “What’s next?” for your customers. Strategic placement of your contact information, calls to action, and the inclusion of a prominent “Like Us” banner are key items your Page must include. This will allow your Page to truly work for you by generating business or product inquiries.

3 – Update Frequently - This certainly applies to status updates, which should be done on a regular basis, but it also applies to the content of your Company Page. Similar to your company website, for your Page to be effective you need to provide regular updates to your content. New photos, recent customer testimonials, and special offers are great ways to maintain the interest level of your community. Don’t forget to encourage your fans to spread the news about your business by sharing with their friends.

Building a Facebook Company Page

Creating an effective Company Page is very different than creating a personal Facebook page. Just like a business website, your Company Page needs to be expertly designed to ensure that it looks professional and contains the critical information that customers are looking for. Register.com has a team of trained Facebook experts that know what it takes to create a professional Company Page that will work for your business.