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Zoho SalesIQ - LiveChat and Website Visitor Conversion Software

Zoho SalesIQ is a cloud based business app that allows sales teams to engage with and understand live visitors on your business website. 

Using SalesIQ, businesses can see a summary of where website visitors are from, what pages they look at and navigate to, as well as information such as the browser, device and so on they're using. All of this is great for website management teams and marketing teams who can tweak and improve the website design to improve their visitor experience and ultimately the conversion rate.
Zoho SalesIQ provides detailed information that can help you stay organised and in control of your website

Perhaps best of all for lead conversion however is that Zoho SalesIQ also provides livechat functionality. This means that Sales teams can chat in real time with visitors, enabling them to convert website visitors to leads more efficiently. You can even setup visitor scoring rules that can help 'grade' the visitors on your website, helping you to promote more relevant and structured lead follow ups.

Lead scoring system as shown in Zoho SalesIQ
Lead scoring rules are fully customisable and can be completely based on your business model. For example, location, time spent on your website, URLs clicked and so on are all different aspects of the criteria you could use to 'score' your website leads. The robust design of the Zoho SalesIQ dashboard allows you to easily see leads as they navigate through your site, based on their score.
The lead scoring functionality of Zoho SalesIQ can help to grow your business

Fully Mobile

Did we mention that Zoho SalesIQ is also fully mobile on its own mobile app? Of course it is! This means your Sales teams/chat operators can respond to leads at any time and location, never missing a potential conversion.
Zoho SalesIQ is available as an app for ultimate convenience

Finally, the cycle gets completed due to the flawless integration between Zoho SalesIQ and Zoho CRM: all chat leads are dropped immediately into Zoho CRM as fresh, new leads for follow up at any time.

The integration between Zoho SalesIQ and Zoho CRM means easy and efficient means of communication for you and your team

LiveChat Functionality

Zoho SalesIQ provides functionality to embed a livechat widget on your website(s). A number of different setup options allow you to change the look, feel, colour and positioning of the widget based on what you prefer or on what you think is the best for staff/customers.

Example of the widget for Zoho SalesIQ LiveChat

Powerful Marketing Tool

Zoho SalesIQ is not just a static chat app - far from it!  If used strategically in conjunction with Marketing tools and a variery of structured marketing campaigns, it becomes a highly effective way of converting all sorts of leads generated from your campaigns into paying customers. For example, newsletters, surveys, special offers and other 'lead magnets' as shown in Zoho's infographic below:

Use Zoho SalesIQ to promote your business and attract new customers

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