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Zoho Connect - The Social Collaboration Tool for Business

Zoho Connect is an easy-to-use Facebook style collaboration tool from Zoho that allows you to share information, communicate to staff and collaborate on ideas, events and other topics. Zoho Connect can be used by businesses of any size with any amount of people.

Information is distributed by team leads, colleagues and managers using posts, walls and forums. Your team will be familiar with these features and will be able to use it very quickly and efficiently, staying informed and up to date.

Collaboration on Ideas and Information

Zoho Connect is the perfect tool to share ideas. Share your ideas with colleagues quickly and put it into action. Collaborate on ideas, news, information and up dated policies etc. with your team instantly.
Collaboration becomes a whole lot easier with Zoho Connect
Share and collaborate on ideas and information quickly

Share Information Wherever Your Team Are Based

Being on the other side of the world doesn't matter with Zoho Connect. Share information and keep teams updated even when in remote locations!
Zoho Connect can be used by businesses of any size anywhere
Keep sharing information wherever you or your team are

See Who's Doing What

Stay on top of things with Zoho Connect's feed of activity, where you can see what everyone is doing. Participate directly from the feed page or like a comment and stay updated. Notifications are sent via email so you know if anyone has replied to any comments you have liked or posted.
Zoho Connect uses familiar feed functionality for easy use
Get feeds of the latest activity from everyone in your team

Built-In File Sharing

Share files, videos and images with Zoho Connect's in-built file sharing module.
In built file sharing is just one of the features that makes Zoho Connect so efficient
Share files, images and video easily

Centralise Discussions

Zoho Connect lets you participate in forums with a familiar interface, safe in the knowledge that you can refer to them later for reference. You can also centralise your discussions on line to arrive at clearer objectives and save time.
Centralise discussions with Zoho Connect online collaboration software
Create forums to discuss topics with your team

Chat in Real Time

Reduce the need for 3rd party chat apps with Zoho Connect's in-built chat module. Chat in real time with team members or groups of users and continue to collaborate on your ideas.
Real time communications is made possible with Zoho Connect in built chat functionality
Chat with team members and groups in real time

Custom Apps

Add your own custom apps to help your business even more. HR apps, CRM, surveys, web forms and many more can be added!
Build and add your own custom apps with Zoho Connect
Build and add your own custom apps in Zoho Connect

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