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Zoho Support - Customer Service And HelpDesk Software

Zoho Support is a powerful on demand HelpDesk and KnowledgeBase solution that gives you full support capabilities for your customers. Prioritise, manage and close customer support requests that can be received via a variety of channels. Create your own corporate online knowledgebase and use this to answer client support tickets quickly and efficiently. Analyse support team performance, implement a structured Service Level Agreement infrastructure. Do it all online with Zoho's online customer support solution, Zoho Support.

With Zoho Support you can:
  • Automate your help desk workflow with ticket assignment, auto-tasks and alerts setup.
  • Combine and separate out tickets from various sources.
  • Standardize support queries and answers with the integrated KnowledgeBase.
  • Setup business plans, contracts, SLAs and easily track the response to customers within the resolution time.
  • Identify potential HelpDesk issues with the inbuilt reports and dashboards.
  • And much, much more....
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Prioritise and Close Support Tickets
Zoho Support online HelpDesk software allows you to prioritise, assign and close support tickets faster than ever, resulting in happier customers and repeat business.

Maintain Customer Contracts and SLAs
Zoho Support helps you to automate your Service Level Agreements and ensures compliance so you can deliver the best service to your customers.

Measure and Improve Performance
Zoho Support has a powerful dashboard feature and inbuilt reporting, which allows you measure what matters and improve the key parts of your Help Desk process.

Customise the Look and Feel
Adapt Zoho Support to fit your needs with custom fields, email templates and HelpDesk workflow to match your business.  Integrate Zoho Support with your existing systems using the advanced API

Work Smart. Not Hard.
By using Zoho Support web based support software you can set SLA priorities, queue tickets and keep your support agents working on what really matters to your business.

Provide an Online KnowledgeBase
Zoho Support has a powerful inbuilt KnowledgeBase system that allows you to create FAQ and articles for your customers so that they can help themselves and reduce ticket volume.


  • Flexible implementation packages available - contact us for more information
  • Rich features with intuitive, customisable user interface
  • No hardware or software or IT maintenance required
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • World class data security
  • Extensive reporting capability and dashboards
  • Increase business productivity by automating the support life cycle
  • Continuous product updates - you don't pay for upgrades or bug fixes!
  • Optional support packages to assist your implementation.

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