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Zoho Backstage - the Event Management App from Zoho

Zoho Backstage is a robust Event Management app by Zoho for use in event management businesses, allowing you to manage multiple events from a single platform.

Create a variety of events using Zoho Backstage
List events and manage them from a single event management solution

Build an Event Website

Zoho Backstage's easy to use website builder allows you to build different websites for different events. 

And of course, they're all desktop and mobile friendly.

Build websites for your events using Zoho Backstage

Manage Event Ticketing and Event Registration Processes

Zoho Backstage allows event organisers to manage the full registration process including ticketing and payment. It also integrates to Eventbrite making the whole process hassle free.

Zoho Backstage integrates with Eventbrite

Track Multiple Agendas

Create multiple event schedules and event agendas and track them in one location. Assign speakers and guests to different events.

Organise multiple event schedules with Zoho Backstage

Engage the Audience

Connect to and engage with the event audience via automated communications functions including email, forums and announcements.

Communicate with the event audience using Zoho Backstage

Analyse Events with Powerful Dashboards

Action usable event data via powerful dashboards such as footfall, audience engagement and revenue.

Manage Sponsors

Zoho Backstage allows event organisers to attract new sponsors and invite sponsorship deals from the event website and manage them from within the Zoho Backstage admin panel. 

Mobile Ready

Of course, all of the Zoho Backstage events you publish are mobile compatible. Attendees will be able to get event information and receive event updates, be able to access the event agendas, participate in discussions and view event presentations.

Zoho Backstage event management software is fully mobile ready

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