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Zoho Commerce

Zoho Commerce is affordable and powerful e-commerce software that's suitable for home or small/medium businesses, providing a stable and complete platform for all your e-commerce functions:

 - Website creation
 - Product management
 - Online sales and order management
 - Inventory and Shipping
 - Marketing and Support
 - Reporting

Build and Customise Your e-Commerce Website

Build a professional website using Zoho Commerce

Have complete ownership over the design of your website using the website templates and inbuilt website Content Management System available to you with Zoho Commerce.

Manage every aspect of your website using Zoho Commerce

Build an Attractive Storefront

Design your storefront to attract the right customers - with no reliance whatsoever on web development companies or support contracts.

Zoho Commerce gives you full control of your CMS

Search Engine Friendly

Use the SEO functionality to fully optimise your website for all search engines.
Share your e-commerce website with the world using our SEO functions

Populate your e-Commerce Store

Import or manually add your products via the admin side of Zoho Commerce to populate and add to your e-commerce store and sell to your customers.
Import all of your products to Zoho Commerce

Create Product Collections

Do you sell products that can be grouped according to things like season, sport or any other type/category? No problem. Group them using the product management functions.
Sell to customers all year round by creating product collections

Create Variations of Products

Add variations to your product collection such as colour, sizes, weight etc.

You can easily add product variations using Zoho Commerce

Leave Product Reviews

Good customer reviews means good sales. Set up the Product Review functionality to allow your customers to leave online reviews of your products and services.
Promote your business by allowing product reviews with Zoho Commerce

Process Orders

Track and manage all of your online orders via the Zoho Commerce online e-commerce admin functions.

Use Zoho Commerce to process all of your orders

Track Order History

View, track, filter by status, export historical orders, use for tax, accounting or any other purpose. You have complete and utter control over your data.

Organise and keep track of all past orders

Customer Communications

Create professional and reliable order-related communications templates that get sent via email on each stage of your order process. Customise to suit your needs/business model.

Choose from and customise a range of communications templates

Payment Gateways

Integrate payment gateways to all of the popular payment providers such as PayPal, Stripe and many more. Accept online payments and completely automate your payment process, making it easier for you and your customers.

Use Zoho Commerce to accept payments from all of the popular payment gateway providers

Multiple Currencies

Zoho Commerce can be configured to accept multiple currencies, so you can sell to anyone in any country around the world.

Accept multiple currencies in your payments

Zoho Books Integration

*Zoho Books* is a powerful online accounting solution from Zoho, which can be integrated to Zoho Commerce for full blow accounting purposes.

 Zoho Commerce software integrates to Zoho Books for all of your accounting needs

Stock Tracking

Enable basic stock level tracking using the inbuilt stock tracking functions included in Zoho Commerce.

Keep track of all of your products with our inbuilt stock management software

Zoho Inventory Integration

*Zoho Inventory* is Zoho's powerful inventory management software, which can be integrated to Zoho Commerce for a more robust inventory management process for larger businesses, giving you a complete end-to-end solution to any of your inventory problems.

Zoho Commerce integrates to Zoho Inventory, giving you full control and additional management functionality

Marketing and Support

Website traffic analysis, abandoned cart recovery, smart recommendations, coupons and more.
Plus loads more integrations to other Zoho apps such as:

Report on Sales Performance

Zoho Commerce provides full and detailed reports on your sales and profits

Get reports on sales over time as well as many other sales related metrics that can help you with your business.

Example of website metrics report shown in Zoho Commerce

Get an insight into the performance of your website with Website Metrics Analysis.

Zoho Commerce integrates to Zoho PageSense for detailed and helpful insights into customer and website visitor behaviour

Integrate to Zoho PageSense for insightful reports on visitor behaviour including click maps and more.

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