Zoho One for Business App and User Management

Zoho One is a complete suite of over 35+ Zoho business apps that allow businesses to manage and maintain all of their business software as well as their software users from a single portal. 

Easily consolidate and replace multiple software applications from numerous vendors as well as paper based systems within a single operating system for your entire organisation.  Meet Zoho One!

Zoho One is a fully integrated suite of business apps
Manage your business apps and users using Zoho One

One License. One Portal. No Fuss.

Zoho One offers a single license to take care of all of your business apps in one place and easily administer your organisational users to manage who uses what apps. Forget multiple subscriptions and invoices and payments to and from multiple vendors. Zoho One covers it all.

What Apps are Included in Zoho One?

Zoho One includes many different Zoho apps for businesses

A Central IT Portal

Zoho One allows you to control all of your business IT apps from one location. 

Activate the various apps you want to use in your business, then assign app(s) to users based on their roles within the organisation. Quickly and easily administer organisation users and allocate them to the apps they need using Zoho One.

When staff leave, you simply deactivate them in Zoho One and they are removed from all of the allocated Zoho apps, which provides IT administrators with a high degree of security and user control, greatly reducing time and headaches involved with user management tasks.

Effective User Management

Employee turnaround has traditionally been a problem for IT teams, who need to manage users on multiple software solutions. When employees leave the company IT managers no longer need to deactivate them from several different software licenses or run the risk of data theft or damage caused by disgruntled employees. One click and the user is removed from the organisation portal and all of the applications they had access to.  This provides a far more efficient and effective user management system and improved software security.

Track App and User Activity

Tracking what users are using what apps can be a big headache for IT Managers. Zoho One allows IT managers to easily maintain a list of all of their software users, assigning different apps to different users, so they only need what they use. No more unused, expensive licenses - your Zoho One users will only be assigned the Zoho apps they need in order to do their job and the inbuilt app usage tracking functions mean IT and Team Managers can see who is using what applications.

Manage business app users from Zoho One
App and IT user management by Zoho One

Other Benefits of Zoho One

Zoho One app centralisation

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All of the apps below, plus many  more (40+ in total) are included in Zoho One! 

Integrate Third Party Apps

Integrate third party software to Zoho One

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