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Zoho WorkDrive - Online Document Management. Anytime, Anywhere.

The Online Document Management System Zoho WorkDrive, is a powerful web based document management system that enables you to keep and manage all of your files safely and efficiently, centralising your documents, allowing you to access and share them anytime, anywhere.

Zoho WorkDrive is a web based document management solution
Zoho Docs document management software has extensive functionality

Store, Manage, And Share Documents Easily And Securely

Zoho WorkDrive is easily administered from a central console by the Portal Owner/Document Administrator and a high degree of folder and document access granularity can be achieved amongst users of the portal. Users can move files around and copy them from personal development folders to the organisational folders for others to see.

Zoho WorkDrive folder and file management

Preview and Download Files

Zoho WorkDrive document management software for businesses
Preview files quickly and easily with Zoho WorkDrive document management software

Check In/Check Out Features

Zoho WorkDrive allows users to check out files which effectively locks them while changes are being made. 

Version Management

Zoho WorkDrive is a version management tool and thus suitable for many organisations that require adherence to ISO/CMMI standards.

Version tracking using Zoho WorkDrive

Search Files and Folders

Zoho WorkDrive has a powerful search function that dynamically searches for keywords through your files and folders.

Synch with Local Folders and Files

Synch your local folders and files instantly to Zoho WorkDrive using the desktop app.

Advanced Document Analytics

Zoho WorkDrive provides portal administrators with advanced document analysis metrics to see who is accessing folders and files and analyse storage usage. 

Advanced analytics in Zoho WorkDrive for portal administrators

Why should you use Zoho WorkDrive?

Zoho WorkDrive is easy to use

Zoho WorkDrive does not need you to download any software and is very user friendly and easy to use and allows you to manage documents online.

New users to Zoho WorkDrive  can start to use it immediately because the application has been designed to be easily navigated.

Furthermore, as with all Zoho applications, files can be accessed and shared online from anywhere.

Zoho WorkDrive is secure too. 

SSL encryption makes all transfers safe, files are stored securely and there is password protection on all files. Files are further protected in terms of confidentiality by your appointed administrator, who can provide specific access rights to the users to access the files.

Zoho Docs has extensive user management functions.

Your Zoho WorkDrive administrator has complete control over what users and groups of users can access.

Easily manage users and domains, set permissions to users, and much more.

With Zoho WorkDrive you can modernise the way that you store, access and share information throughout your company.

And with Zoho WorkDrive there is no need for you to install, maintain and secure expensive hardware nor install any software!

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