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Zoho Workplace IT Communications Portal

Zoho Workplace is a superb, professional business app from Zoho that includes all of Zoho's best communications apps in a single portal for you and all of your business team. One license, multiple apps, multiple users...  Meet Zoho Workplace!
Zoho Workplace communications management software

Zoho Workplace Includes Several Core Zoho Applications

 - Zoho Cliq (instant messaging, calls, video, screen sharing)
 - Zoho Calendar (appointment scheduling and shared calendars)
 - Zoho Tasks (task management)
 - Zoho Notes (note taking, note sharing)
 - Zoho Meeting (meetings and webinars) 
- Zoho Connect (intranet)

Effective User Management

No more time consuming and confusing adding and removing new / old users from multiple software/apps. Add your users to the portal and assign the apps they need. It's that simple!

Enhanced Software Security

A single, central portal to manage your IT users and the apps they need means improved software security and less risk from data theft/damage caused by ex-employees.

A Single Portal Dashboard

After logging into Zoho Workplace, users see their individual dashboard which gives them a snapshot of all of their apps. Simply click to view and start working and communicating.

Management can get you an insight into app usages, Mail storage and so on, from an organisational level, helping you to stay on top of your IT and communications needs.

Instant Chat, Calls, Video Calls and Screen Sharing

Instant messaging using Zoho Cliq
Zoho Cliq is also included in Zoho Workplace. This app allows you chat, call, video conference and screen share with one or multiple users in an instant.

Communicate efficiently and effectively with your team or other colleagues whether they are in the same room, building or on the other side of the world.

Zoho Cliq is one of Zoho's fastest growing apps and is immensely useful in any business. It also integrates to many of Zoho's software suites.

Meetings and Webinars

Zoho Meeting online meeting software for your teams
Zoho Meeting is an online meeting app that allows you to easily hold online meetings with your team, customers and prospects.

Other functions include meeting recording and scheduling so you can keep track of everything you're doing. You can also utilise the webinar function to hold webinars for customers/prospects/support clients or as a marketing tool for potential customers.

Document Management and Collaboration

Online file sharing software using Zoho Workdrive
Zoho Workplace is a key addition to the Zoho Workplace suite. 

Zoho Workdrive is a powerful online document storage and collaboration app that allows you to setup your corporate folder structure and assign access to other users based on their roles in your organisation.

Collaborate seamlessly on documents, discuss changes and accept or reject updates.

Share documents with links - not attachments - and even share externally from your organisation, eg. to customers.

Task Management

- Task tracking
 - Task assignment
 - Status tracking
 - Late task tracking and reminders
 - Task discussion features


Create a single company Calendar that includes all users to easily manage and track staff schedules, block 'busy' times, schedule meetings and also assign resources such as meeting rooms and even resources such as pens/paper, refreshments etc.

 - Appointment scheduling
 - Blocking unavailable time slots
 - Resource management (rooms, equipment etc)
 - Automated alters to office admin for resource preparation (chairs, refreshments, pens/paper etc)
 - Shared calendars
 - Integration to Zoho CRM and other Zoho apps

Company Intranet

Build a corporate/company intranet that can be used by all members of your organisation.

 - Welcome messages
 - News
 - Processes
 - Regulations
 - Discussion forums
 - Company Forms
 - And much more

Group Management

You can also create Groups or teams in Zoho Workplace, which allows you to make changes to whole groups, rather than having to do it on an individual basis. This is perfect for larger/growing businesses with multiple teams and access rights in a document sharing platform.

One License. No Fuss. No Hassle.

Zoho Workplace offers the flexibility to buy software licenses for the apps you need, as you need them. However if you are sure your business is going to make use of the range of Zoho communications apps, then Zoho Workplace is for you and it comes at an extremely affordable license cost.

Free Trial

Zoho Workplace is the perfect communications portal, containing every app that any small to large business needs to get their communications process centralised and managed more effectively.

 - The efficiency of a business is based in part on the effectiveness of its communications.
 - Zoho Workplace is a centralised portal for all of your business communications.
 - All of your users can login to each app from one place and access the various communications apps they need.
 - The best part is that there's just one flat license for everything.

More Information?

Contact us here for more information or for a free consultation on how Zoho Workplace can benefit your business.