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Zoho Contracts - Online Contract Management Software

Zoho Contracts is a powerful and efficient addition to your business. It's a secure web based Contract Management solution form Zoho and no expensive software or hardware is required! Manage your internal and external/client contracts directly using Zoho's secure Cloud service. What's more is that if you're already a Zoho One user, you can rest easy - because Zoho Contracts is included in your Zoho One suite of business tools.

Contract Templates

In-built contract templates are available with Zoho Contracts. These cover areas such as:

Choose from the various in built contract templates that Zoho Contracts has to offer

Of course, if the contract templates aren't to your liking you can always adapt them to better suit your business needs, saving time and costs during the contract drafting process along the way.

Instant Contract Creation

Empower members of staff to create critical documents by setting up a new contract. Us the templates to pull in the format, language, spelling and grammar to make the perfect documents with the correct terms and criteria.
Create the perfect documents easily and quickly using Zoho Contracts

Adjust the clauses and other key areas of your contracts:

Zoho Contracts allows you to create and edit clauses for your contracts with the in built document editor Zoho Writer.

Intuitive Contract Document Editor

Make writing easier with Zoho Contract's in-built document editor that uses another of Zoho's tools, Zoho Writer. Zoho Writer comes with familiar and easy to use functions to alter contracts for specific customers, situations and processes - all before finalisation.

Adjust your documents using Zoho contracts management software

Insert Contract Clauses Quickly and Easily

Even inserting clauses is easier and quicker, with the in-built clause selector tool. Choose from existing clauses and create new clauses, knowing that they are all available for future use in the clause library.

Save time by choosing from clauses in the clause library

Collaborate with Colleagues

Sharing and collaboration with colleagues is effortless with Zoho Contracts. Co-author, comment on, track and peer review your contracts in a secure online environment.
Zoho Contracts makes collaboration and sharing much easier

Share in a Secure Environment

Put your mind at ease by sharing documents directly on Zoho's highly secure online platform. No more worrying needed.

Summarise Reviews and Track Changes

Take control with Zoho Contracts. Improve internal processes and quality control by summarising all peer reviews and tracking physical changes to your contracts.

E-Sign Contracts

Save time and money by speeding up your contract sign off process with the seamless integration between Zoho Contracts and Zoho Sign. This allows you to send contracts for e-signing both internally and externally, ready for approval and form acceptance.

Extensive Feature Set

Zoho Contracts contract management software comes with a robust feature set with even more functions that could greatly benefit your business. These include:

- Approval workflows

- Central repository

- Audit trail

- User roles and permissions

- Calendar view

- Version control

And more...

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Zoho Contracts is the latest contract management app from Zoho - start managing contracts more effectively in your business.
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