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Zoho Forms - Online Web Form Builder

Zoho Forms is a drag and drop form creator, and it allows you to easily drag fields to your own form design to create an unlimited number of customised online forms.

- Zoho is mobile friendly, very easy to use.
 - It enriches forms with details that matter. Validates inputs and customises field and form rules.
 - Enable digital signatures to enforce ‘paper trails’ and approvals and increase your credibility.
 - Promotes team collaboration and creates effective workflows. 
 - With a robust mobile builder and cloud storage, form building has never been easier.

The above are just a few of the benefits using Zoho could bring to your business.
Create professional forms anytime with Zoho Forms - available on PCs and mobile devices
Zoho Forms online form design software, compatible on PCs and on mobiles

Improve Process Approvals and Sign Offs

Have a process that involves a signature on a form?  Need a management sign off before proceeding with a business process?

No problem. Using Zoho Forms means your workforce can update form data and add comments and even sign an electronic signature, right on the form from your mobile device!

Notifications get sent to relevant team members and everyone is kept in the loop.
Manage all your business operations easily with Zoho Forms
Mobile forms make business operations so much easier. Get approvals and signatures straight from your mobile.

Share Forms to Staff and Customers

Share forms internally with your team or - for example - if you have a seminar or some other sort of campaign you can publish a form on your social platforms, or embed links in email campaigns.

Go offline as well, or generate a printable QR code for every form. The data you collect is stored on the cloud, which means you do not need to worry about security.
Share your forms with the world using social media and/or Email and links through Zoho Forms
Zoho Forms allows easy sharing of web forms. Share forms internally or on social media so you can quickly and easily gather more information.

Analyse Forms on the Go

Get meaningful and detailed reports on the data that has been submitted through your forms. Run reports for management, keep everyone informed.

Zoho Forms provides detailed reports based on the data gathered through your forms
Zoho Forms comes with inbuilt reporting functions to analyse your data. Analyse form data on the go.

Integrate with Other Apps

Integrate forms seamlessly with other Zoho apps such as Zoho CRM as well as external apps like MailChimp and Google Spreadsheet.

Integrate Zoho Forms with 3rd party software or other Zoho Apps to increase efficiency
Zoho Forms can be integrated with other Zoho or 3rd party software.

Save Time by Using Prebuilt Form Templates

The opportunities for use of Zoho Forms are endless - office, construction, healthcare, HR… so many areas of business use paper or web forms, the only limit is your imagination.

Zoho Forms comes with a gallery of ready-made templates, which you can choose from and tweak to match your needs and save time in the process.
Save time by using Zoho Forms' ready-made templates suited for specific businesses
Zoho Forms templates are suited for specific businesses and save you time.

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