Zoho Survey - An Easy to Use, Affordable Online Survey Solution

With Zoho Survey online survey software businesses can develop focused and valuable web based questionnaires that assist them in obtaining knowledge that will support them making better business decisions.

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Zoho Survey Features - Create, Feedback, Analyze.

  • Share on Twiiter, LinkedIn, Google Plus & Facebook
  • Embed in webpages.
  • Fifteen plus types of questions
  • Show & hide questions.
  • Skip to a page. Customized superb themes.*
  • Add your own logo.*
  • No Zoho logo in footer.*
  • Custom ending page.*
  • Export feedback to Excel, PDF & Google Drive.*
  • Download charts.*
  • Discuss with reviewers.
  • Customised, filtered responses.
  • Distribute through Zoho email marketing app.
  • Customized reporting.
  • Cross tabbed combination reporting.
  • Share reporting options for collaborators.
  • SSL security & CAPTCHA security.

* denotes that feature is not available with the Zoho Survey Free subscription.

Zoho Survey web based survey software supports all your questionnaire, polls and survey requirements by engaging with your prospects and customers anywhere at anytime and by providing you easy to use features that allows you to concentrate on the content and the responses.

Zoho Survey online survey software allows business to gather the right information
Gather the right information from your customers with Zoho Survey, online survey software made easy

Zoho Survey – optimized for the mobile for quicker survey responses

With Zoho Survey software, internet surveys can be developed to be focused and valuable questionnaires that assist you to obtain knowledge that will support you to make better decisions.

Zoho Survey is automatically optimized for displaying questionnaires on iOS and Android mobile devices, with a custom application developed specifically for the iPad, providing you with a platform to reach your customers any time anywhere.

    Taking web surveys is simpler on your mobile device

    Use Zoho Survey at business events for immediate feedback on products, collect lead information at exhibitions.

    Improve sales processes by providing sales executives with a structured set of open and closed questions.

    Get immediate responses from training sessions, product launches and Main Street questionnaires.

    Themes and Templates

    Zoho Survey also comes with several themes so you do not need any coding or HTML knowledge to make fantastic looking surveys. It also has number sample questionnaires for HR, marketing, customer service and other business scenarios in case you need a little help designing your online survey.

    Zoho Survey comes with numerous prebuilt templates to help you start your online survey
    Zoho Survey Templates hep you get started

    Create, Deploy, Analyse

    Zoho Survey allows you to create your online survey with a variety of question types such as drop down, bullet points, matrix, ratings and more.

    Engage your customers with multiple question types in Zoho Survey

    Then deploy the web survey on your social channels, embed in your website or send via email campaigns. It even integrates with MailChimp or Zoho Campaigns, the online email marketing solution from Zoho, providing you with a wide variety of channels with which to deploy your survey.

    Finally, analyse the results of the web survey with the inbuilt reports, including bar graphs and pie charts.

    Zoho Survey is an affordable online survey tool

    Mobile Surveys

    Zoho Survey web based surveys are even mobile friendly! This enables you to distribute surveys via email and social channels and your recipients can fill in the questions online on any device, providing you with a higher rate of completion and more accurate survey statistics.

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