Zoho Meeting - Online Meeting and Webinar Software

Zoho Meeting is an online meeting app from Zoho that's easy to understand and use. It allows you to meet remotely with clients, colleagues, staff, prospects and anyone else with an internet connection.
Zoho Meeting online meeting software

Schedule Meetings in Advance or Meet on the Fly

Zoho Meeting allows you to schedule meetings with anyone involved in your business and will automatically send reminders and meeting invitations to attendees. You can also online meet with people on an as required basis and start an immediate meeting, either inviting people with a meeting link or automatically with an email.

See Attendees and Use Computer or Dial In Audio

Zoho Meeting utilises computer or dial in audio options and also comes with the easy to use web cam functions.

Share Screens and Give Control

Zoho Meeting allows you to share your screen with your attendees as the presenter of the meeting and even provides the oppurtunity for attendees to share their computer screen by giving control to the presenter. This is a great way to support staff or customers with any technical issues that need diving into - even when you're not there!


Chat to your presenter using Zoho Meeting's integrated chat features.

Mute, Unmute and Remove

In Zoho Meetings, the presenter has full control. Mute, unmute and even remove attendees from your meetings.

Online Webinar Functionality

An optional but effective addition to Zoho Meeting is Zoho Webinar.
Zoho Webinar not only includes all of the above functions, but allows you to seamlessly present online meetings and seminars/webinars by sharing sessions and materials to a wide audience. It also has multiple built in functions that help audience control and even increase audience engagement.


Create numerous sets of questions and multi choice answers in to your webinar with Zoho Webinar's built in Q&A functions. Add Q&A on the fly as you go or add to the webinar before it goes live, and present and ask them whenever you need during the session.


A great way to keep your audience's attention until the very end is to increase their engagement. Conducting polls during the webinar is an effective course of action - and the Polls function allows you to do just that. Your attendees can take part in your Polls and either see the results or wait for you to show them, based on your settings. Create Polls for various audiences with various topics to activate during all of your meetings to keep your audience interested.

Default Muting & Hand Raising

Zoho Webinar mutes all attendees by default, making your webinar audience easier to control so you can present without interruption. If attendees want to speak there is the 'raise a hand' function that notifies the presenter. The presenter can then choose to unmute them and/or let them be seen by the rest of the attendees.

Record Meetings and Webinars

Record your meetings using the record functions that are already built into both Zoho Meeting and Zoho Webinar. Recording your meetings can be helpful in project development, client meetings and training/support sessions.

Collaborative Whiteboard

Zoho Meeting lets you demonstrate and highlight certain topics, points and/or issues using the collaborative whiteboard feature. This feature can be used by the entire group throughout the meeting and also uses diagrams, text and images.
Zoho Meeting comes with a collaborative whiteboard function to make presenting more interesting

Perfect for Schools

Zoho Meeting combined with Zoho Webinar is the perfect tool foronline teaching and learning in schools and colleges. Especially when there is a high degree of data/child protection required.

Webinar attendees cannot interact with other attendees and the presenters of the webinar cannot see into the attendees' settings, for example: the camera is a one way transmission from the presenter to the attendee.

Webinar organisers also approve all webinar registrants, so they can assess and verify all registrant names and emails for full security. On top of that, webinar organisers have the choice to advertise the webinar registrations privately.

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