Using Formula Fields and Custom Reporting

31.05.17 02:11 PM By Patty

Zoho CRM, the award winning online CRM tool from Zoho, allows you to increase sales team efficiency by implementing CRM workflow and formula fields. Use our Zoho CRM tips to learn how to set up automated calculations of sales team commisisons.  

Use Formula Fields and Custom Reporting in Zoho CRM to Calculate and Report on Sales Commissions

The tremendous flexibility of Zoho CRM web based CRM solution allows you to improve sales and accounting workflow by creating custom formula fields, CRM workflow and customised reports that can be used to automtically calculate and report on commissions owed to sales managers.

Let's take a simple process as an example:

For each sale, the Sales Manager would enter the sale value (opportunity Amount) and other details and save the opportunity as normal.

A Regional Sales Manager then gets an alert when an opportunity has been won. This alert can be general or specific to region.

That Sales manager is then responsible for reviewing the data and entering the relevant commission for that Sales Manager.

Zoho CRM calculates the commission due to each Sales Manager and outputs them to an attractive report, which it send to the Accountant on a monthly basis.

The steps for this process are relatively simple:

1) Create a custom field, 'commission percentage', this can be a free number fireld or a drop down.

2) Create a custom formula field, based on the formula = (potential amount / 100)*commission percentage

3) Say you want to restrict access to these fields - use the Data Sharing rules to make them visible to the Regional Sales Manager profile only. This way, regular Sales Managers cannot see or change the commissions fields.

4) Set up an alert to send an automated email to the Regional Sales Manager when a sale is won, add filters based on region if needed and enter the relevant Sales Manager name as the recipient.

5) When the sale is won the Regional Sales Manager will review the sale info, enter the commission percentage and the commission owed will be calculated when the opportunity is saved.

6) Create a custom report that reports on commissions earned on closed won sales by month.

7) Create a report schedule that sends this report to the Accounting team or Sales Director on a monthly basis

The result: an automated sales process utilising Zoho CRM workflow that includes all levels of the sales team as well as accounting.

We hope this online Zoho CRM assistance is useful!

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