Zoho Projects Makes Online Task Management Easier

31.05.17 01:41 PM By Patty

Zoho Projects have release improvements to their task management functions, online project management gets even easier!

As a Project Manager you need to organise your own and your team's tasks. Task owners need to then manage them and ensure they get completed so that you can track progress and report back to the client/stakeholders.  All too often though, you may find yourself doing more task management than project management, and before long the people management, issue and risk management and worse still, delivery of the project start to slip! Zoho Projects newest feature improvement can help you keep task management time to a minumum and can help you focus on delivering the project.

A major upgrade to Zoho's online project management solution Zoho Projects was released about a year ago and since then Zoho have been listening to users and have recently released some major improvements in their project management solution, this latest release being in the task management functions.

Inline Task Editing

What is this?  Well, apart from sounding really cool, it means a lot less clicking for you!  Editing is made a lot easier as you can now edit many parts of the task without leaveing the task list. Previously, you could edit priority, owner and status, but now you can also edit the start, end date and percentage completed for any task in the list, without ever leaving the list.

Task Editing

Due to popular demand you are now able to move task lists across projects, ie. from Project A to Project B, in just a few clicks.

Bulk Task Movement

Previously a project manager / team lead would have to edit single tasks to move them from one task list to another. Now you can grab a whole bunch of tasks and move them across to another task list, saving yourself a lot of time to oversee tasks or actually work on and finish tasks to achieve your goal.  

We'll make a video about these latest functions shortly and post it on our YouTube channel . Stay tuned.

CRM Asia Solutions use Zoho Projects in all of our client projects, so we are excited about this improvement.

As a small business offering professional Zoho implementation services to clients as far afield as Australia, Thailand, Singapore and United Kingdom, we need a tool that allows us to do this as efficiently as possible, and Zoho Projects helps in numerous ways:

It helps us track multiple projects running at the same time
Issues are centralised and discussed online
Documents are centralised, accessed at any time, no more searching through reems of emails for attachments
Tasks are managed and discussed on a task specific basis
Task status is easily exported and sent to clients for review in familiar excel format

If you are interested in using Zoho Projects in your organisation, please let us know here, or via email on sales at crmasiasolutions.com