Zoho Sign - e-Signature Software from Zoho

27.10.17 02:02 PM By Andy

Zoho's latest online business app is an e-signature software solution to allow small businesses to electronically sign documentation online.

This is just one more example of how Zoho really listen to their customer feedback as we know this has been a very popular request from users of Zoho CRM and other Zoho software through the years, who often struggled using external software to e-sign the documents, which lacked the functionality to integrate to Zoho CRM.

e-signing software from Zoho
Select the Contact to sign the document, click to send, it's that easy!

Zoho Sign is an online document signing app that can be integrated with other Zoho software such as Zoho CRM and also Zoho People which is there online HR information system software.

You can use this to sign documents such as quotes/invoices, contracts, policies, training records and more.

The software allows you to create your signature online using inbuilt functions such as a handwritten signature generator, or by writing the signature yourself on-screen, or uploading it from a JPEG file.

Zoho Sign is e-signature software for small businesses
Select who needs to sign the document and in what order

You can then upload the document that needs to be signed and then send it to the people who need to sign it, as well as specify the order that it needs to be signed.

These people will each receive an alert when they at required to sign the document and they will be able to apply the signature so that the document gets sent to the next person in the approval process.

There is even a feature to have a kind of 'time out' function so that the document becomes invalid if one of the signees does not sign it in time.

Zoho e-signing app - Zoho Sign
Add your signature and approve documents quickly and easily

This kind of app is invaluable for any kind of business that has documentation that requires a 'sign off' as part of the business process.

Obtaining signatures on documents can often be a time-consuming part of any business process, often causing bottlenecks and delays, so this can be considered an important area to increase efficiency and certainly internal and even external documents can be signed in this manner and synchronised with the CRM lead or contact the document is associated to much faster than sending PDFs, printing them, signing and scanning and sending back.

We're excited to see where this app will go and are really pleased that Zoho have introduced this e-sign software to their rapidly expanding sweet of online business tools.

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