Zoho People Includes Integrated Learning Management System

09.03.21 10:58 AM By Andy

Zoho LMS Integrates to Zoho People

Zoho People is expanding with the inclusion of Payroll integration but also a powerful Learning Management System module (that is also available as a standalone app), which can be used to create robust e-training courses for your teams. These can then be tracked and referenced within Zoho People for a complete end-to-end training and training assessment program.

Zoho People has an integrated LMS

Seamless Employee Training

Zoho People's Learning Management System allows trainers in your organisation to create a learning culture within your organisation that stimulates staff to learn according to their style and their pace.

Zoho Learning Management System facilitates:

  • Self Paced Learning - allow employees to learn in a style and pace that suits them best.
  • Blended Learning - a combination of various learning styles such as self paced, virtual and traditional classroom style
Zoho People LMS allows multiple learning styles

End to End Course Customisation

Zoho LMS contains a powerful course builder function allowing trainers to create courses on multiple topics, for multiple learners.

Course Builder

Courses are allocated modules and modules have within them topics as well as materials for upload and download.

Learning Plans

The LMS helps you design an effective learning plan by combining a string of courses which will help attendees progress though the skills assigned.

Course Schedules and Notifications

Schedule and manage e-learning. Monitor enrolment and trigger notifications for students. Show courses in staff calendars and more.

Zoho LMS course builder

Engage Your Learners

Zoho People LMS has functionality for

  • Interactive classrooms using Zoho Meeting
  • Testing for learner assessment
  • Discussion forums for open ended discussions, analysis and to help learners understand concepts
  • Feedback for improvement of courses 
  • Management suggestions to allow management to suggest course ideas and even enroll team members on courses they feel would be of benefit.

Learning Analytics

Zoho LMS comes with a wide variety of reports to give insight into learner trends, course performance, trainer ratings and top performing employees, much of this of course comes into effect in the other modules of Zoho People in terms of employee training management and performance tracking. It's all done right there, in Zoho People!

Zoho People LMS course analytics

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