Zoho Projects Gets an Anniversary Revamp

10.02.21 09:50 AM By Andy

Complete Revamp of New Zoho Projects v7

Zoho Projects, the online project management app from Zoho first released in 2006, is now in its 15th year. To mark this anniversary milestone Zoho have released Zoho Projects version 7, which has loads of new user interface enhancements and feature upgrades.

A Completely Overhauled Interface

The first thing you will notice is the interface enhancement - a complete overhaul!  Easier navigation, colour coded functional areas, even artwork templates to make the project look more appealing on screen. Zoho Projects is now a lively and interesting project management app.

Zoho Projects online project management app new interface

Project Lifecycle Tracking

You can now use the graphical interface in Zoho Projects to track the lifecycle/development of your project. Like a kind of historical timeline, the transitions in the project cycle can be quickly analysed and actions taken.

Zoho Projects transition phases for effective online project management

Consistency Throughout

The old interface for analysing resource utilisation has been completely revamped and now offers a far better representation of project resources and task workload, using a bar format. Green colouring denotes under allocation, red colouring denotes overload. There is also a Calendar function to show resource availability in an easy to read calendar format. If that was not enough there is also a 'heatmap' function to visualise disconnected schedules.

Zoho Projects has a powerful resource utilisation feature

Advanced Search Functionality

Zoho Projects now comes with advanced filtering on all modules allowing you to filter data using predefined and also custom fields. The new search function is faster and covers all modules in the app.

Powerful search function on Zoho Projects

Improved Project Dashboards

There are now two kinds of dashboards available in Zoho Projects: Personal and Portfolio. The Personal Dashboard contains data related to your own work items like Tasks, Issues Milestones and project related events. The Portfolio Dashboard contains information ac ross projects, which gives project managers deep insight into the status, timeline, issues, budget health across all active projects in the organisation.

Zoho Projects has extensive dashboards giving a high degree of project visibility

Better Collaboration

The new Zoho Projects comes with an additional module 'Discuss', which is a real time discussion module presented via different chat rooms that can be configured by the project owner. There is also a Meeting tab that integrates Zoho Meeting, so you can carry out online meetings with the team to follow up on tasks or resolve open issues. You can also integarte Zoho People and use the 'Check In' and 'Check Out' feature in Zoho People to track team member attendance directly from the project. 

Effective online collaboration using Zoho Projects

Effective Document Management

The repository style Documents module is now enhanced with integration to Zoho WorkDrive, which means you have a full document management system at your disposal. No need for separate systems such as DropBox, do all project management and version trackig right here within Zoho Projects.

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