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Zoho CRM, the award winning online CRM tool from Zoho, allows you to increase sales team efficiency by implementing CRM workflow and formula fields. Use our Zoho CRM tips to learn how to set up automated calculations of sales team commisisons.  

Use Formula Fields and Custom Reporting in Zoho CR...

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Online meetings are not like normal meetings.  You cannot judge body language as well as you can when doing them face to face, you cannot always see your participants, you need to rely a lot more on technology, which can have glitches. Here are a few tips to help you on your way to hosting effe...

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Why Less is More when Doing Email Marketing

In our experience of doing many email marketing campaigns in Asia, Europe and Australia for various kinds of companies in all manner of industries, the one common underlying misapprehension many people have time and time again is that 'size matters'!

All to...

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Here is the third of three webinars for Zoho Creator: Advanced Application Building.

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Here's the second in a series of three webinars on Zoho Creator.

This one is on 'Configuring Custom Workflows'.


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